Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I just came back form Palawan. We spent the last 4 days there on a Resort. It was amazing. I have such a nice tan. We went to visit an underground river, a mangrove forest, a rain forest, a jungle. We went snorkeling and waterfall climbing and we saw monkeys. It was a much deserved holiday after all the craziness of the last few weeks. We got to lay on the beach and watch J-drama every evening. I watched the first 3 episodes of Gokusen 3 (ok is Hey Say Jump a joke???)  we also restarted Nodame because my boyfriend really wanted to see the beginning. I think he has a crush on Juri. We just told me he wanted to finish watching the rest of it tonight. Yeah!!!  Ok back to Palawan.

Wow! That place was so beautiful. We took over 500 pictures!! lol. It was a one hour flight south from Manila and then a 2 hours car ride on unpaved roads to get to the remote resort. We had our own beach house and since it's the low season for one day we were the only guest there. I hope I get to go back one day, I really wanted to scuba dive but didn't get the chance too.

Last week I also went to Tarlac. There I learned a very important bit of information. My boyfriend admited that he was planning to propose to me while we are in Japan on top of Mount Fuji. But that since he won't be able to climb it with us... that his whole plan was ruined. I thought it was very sweet of him and I told him he could just figure out something else. ;-0 It's too bad! The mount Fuji thing would have been so great!! oh well. Anyway his parents have been asking us to pick as church since most of them have 2 years waiting list. I found a small one 3 hours away from Manila in the mountain. Both me and my bf love the place but they don't do weddings there (it's only a monastery) anyway my cousin's uncle said not to worry about it. He is the main money donator to the place as well as furnishing them with food all year round. He said he would make it happen. I don't know what to think of it. I mean it feels a bit forcefully to me... but I really like the place.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good News from Japan in Manila!

I got home today around 10 pm. We spent the day outside the city. The air felt so good. We went to visit a marble quarry (it belongs to by BF's god father) it was sooooo cool and interesting, I also saw rice fields, a water buffalo and avocado trees.

It was the first really good day I had here in Manila. My stress level went down a bit and I got to spend time outside the four walls and the mall. I am still covered in rashes (eczema attack) but it seems to be getting better.

In the evening we went to the grocery and we bought junk food (my bf and I were going to watch HYD1) and eat donuts... so we got home and settled down for it... untill I saw the comment on my last post.

I got Kanjani8 tickets for their first show in Tokyo. I am so excited about it!!! there's no way I will get any sleep tonight!!!  The funny thing is that my BF seemed disappointed that he doesn't get to go!! I was a bit surprised by that!!! lol. He might look for tickets on yahoo auction for the same show we are going.

So anyway,after getting teh news I tried reaching my sister all the way back in Canada. I didn't know if she had seen the comment. I left messages everywhere. I finally got a hold of her on MSN and I thought she already knew. So I was telling her how excited I was and blah blah blah.. after a while she stopped me and asked... Ok but what are you excited about??? Then I realized she DIDN'T know yet!!!! 

Ohhhhhhh. Ok I really have to get some sleep. Tomorrow we are going out of town to another city. I forgot the name. anyway.

Good Night!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Manila week 2

I barely get a second for myself and I am suffering deeply from it. I have now been here in Manila for a week. My sister is arriving tomorrow night. The only reason I get to post today, is because it is 6 am and I can't sleep anymore. This week, I got to visit the historical part of Manila (Intramuros) and yesterday we went to Lake Tahaal  to see the volcano. The scenery was amazing! I took hundreds of pictures. I also got to eat more philipinos food. Everything is really good here!!!

Earlier this week I got really sick. I am now better. I think it was a combination of jet lag and dehydration. Now I am being careful and drinking lots of fluid.

2 days ago was my bf's cousin's wedding. It was beautiful! I have to say thought.... Italian weddings are nothing compare to Philipino wedding!!! Scary eh!!! If you get the picture! Such a big fuss... I couldn't believe it!!! Anyway...

So by now I have met his whole dad side. Now I have to meet his mom's side! So many names and faces to remember. (A funny side note) On his mom's side, I met one of his cousin yesterday. Him and my bf are just like twins!!!! Scary! Apparently there is a third one which makes them triplets. 

I am just not getting use to his family pressure.... and also the driver, the maids... the cooks and all that. I need my freedom back.. oh and I want to choose my own food and cook it...

Today I think the plans call for more shopping and visiting a marble factory....

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sick in Manila...

Things I learned  since I got to the Philippines:

-Always carry your own toilet paper.

-If you need to go, McDonald has some of the best public washroom.

- In some cases, it is worth it to pay the extra and go to a pay washroom.

-If you are not use to the weather make sure you drink plenty.

-Bring your own Gravol... they don't sell it here!

-People are extremely nice, especially if you need to jump the line in the washroom!!!

Ok, from this short list you can probably guess it: I have been extremely sick for the last 24 hours. Right now I am feelign a bit better. I probably suffered from dehydration or else maybe sometime from the water. No food has been stying in my body. With such a busy schedule I couldn't stay home and sleep it off... so I visited every public washroom everywhere we went... I also drank my weigth in Gatorade, Gastrolyte and some othe discusting re hydration medecine.

Yesterday I tried the dress... it is ok. The cut is nice, the color is horrible. (Pink) I bought blue satin shoes to go with it... my revenge ;-)

Other than that my bf's family has been so nice. I get along with all of his cousins and we are really having a great time!!! (Oh and I found out none of the girl cousin like the dresses they have... the mom's all pick the fabric... so we are all in the same boat lol)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Madness in Manila

Life in my boyfriend's family is crowded. I barely have a second for myself. Lately its been all about shopping till you drop and eat till you explode. I am not made for this life style. Yesterday we ran back and forth between the mall and the tailor and the dress maker to get fitted and all. The fabric for my dress is hideous... and the dressmaker well... I think I could have done a better job myself. So out of politeness, I am letting my boyfriend's aunt play dress up with me and I just nod and agree... It was their idea after all. I have also just been asked to sing at the wedding. The 500 guests will include some entertainment and art industry personality... they said they would introduce me... Once more, it's all his aunts idea. They also told me not to worry about when we get married... they would take care of the planning... ohhhhhhhhh, I can already see the disaster... but I just nodded and agreed.

Since dinner last night, I have been sick. Nothing I eat will stay in. It,s horrible.... especially with the state of the public washroom here.

Last night we went to a fancy Chinese food restaurant. I was so disappointed to find out that Chinese food is so much better in Toronto!!!! My bf agreed,. The meal was disappointing. Anyway, I gotta go get ready, we are going back to SM so I can buy shoes...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Manila Day 1

Here I am melting in Manila. I arrived last night 2 am local time. What a long trip to get there... nonetheless everything went well. I even got to get out the plane in Japan for 2 hours. So technically, the first place in Asia I've ever been in Nagoya!

Manila is like another planet to me. This morning we went to the dentist! Yes, the very first thing I will have done in Manila is go to the dentist!! after we went to a seafood market and got fresh seafood. I got to meet some of my boyfriend's cousin. In the afternoon we went shopping at Shangri-la. I bought children book in Tagalog (mostly folks tale) I bought postcard, some flip flops and then some Bench clothing.  When we came back we took a nap, later tonight we will head out to visit some more family.

I have seen lots of very unusual things and I have already taken lots of pictures and videos.