Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good News from Japan in Manila!

I got home today around 10 pm. We spent the day outside the city. The air felt so good. We went to visit a marble quarry (it belongs to by BF's god father) it was sooooo cool and interesting, I also saw rice fields, a water buffalo and avocado trees.

It was the first really good day I had here in Manila. My stress level went down a bit and I got to spend time outside the four walls and the mall. I am still covered in rashes (eczema attack) but it seems to be getting better.

In the evening we went to the grocery and we bought junk food (my bf and I were going to watch HYD1) and eat donuts... so we got home and settled down for it... untill I saw the comment on my last post.

I got Kanjani8 tickets for their first show in Tokyo. I am so excited about it!!! there's no way I will get any sleep tonight!!!  The funny thing is that my BF seemed disappointed that he doesn't get to go!! I was a bit surprised by that!!! lol. He might look for tickets on yahoo auction for the same show we are going.

So anyway,after getting teh news I tried reaching my sister all the way back in Canada. I didn't know if she had seen the comment. I left messages everywhere. I finally got a hold of her on MSN and I thought she already knew. So I was telling her how excited I was and blah blah blah.. after a while she stopped me and asked... Ok but what are you excited about??? Then I realized she DIDN'T know yet!!!! 

Ohhhhhhh. Ok I really have to get some sleep. Tomorrow we are going out of town to another city. I forgot the name. anyway.

Good Night!!!

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