Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Madness in Manila

Life in my boyfriend's family is crowded. I barely have a second for myself. Lately its been all about shopping till you drop and eat till you explode. I am not made for this life style. Yesterday we ran back and forth between the mall and the tailor and the dress maker to get fitted and all. The fabric for my dress is hideous... and the dressmaker well... I think I could have done a better job myself. So out of politeness, I am letting my boyfriend's aunt play dress up with me and I just nod and agree... It was their idea after all. I have also just been asked to sing at the wedding. The 500 guests will include some entertainment and art industry personality... they said they would introduce me... Once more, it's all his aunts idea. They also told me not to worry about when we get married... they would take care of the planning... ohhhhhhhhh, I can already see the disaster... but I just nodded and agreed.

Since dinner last night, I have been sick. Nothing I eat will stay in. It,s horrible.... especially with the state of the public washroom here.

Last night we went to a fancy Chinese food restaurant. I was so disappointed to find out that Chinese food is so much better in Toronto!!!! My bf agreed,. The meal was disappointing. Anyway, I gotta go get ready, we are going back to SM so I can buy shoes...

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