Monday, June 2, 2008

Manila Day 1

Here I am melting in Manila. I arrived last night 2 am local time. What a long trip to get there... nonetheless everything went well. I even got to get out the plane in Japan for 2 hours. So technically, the first place in Asia I've ever been in Nagoya!

Manila is like another planet to me. This morning we went to the dentist! Yes, the very first thing I will have done in Manila is go to the dentist!! after we went to a seafood market and got fresh seafood. I got to meet some of my boyfriend's cousin. In the afternoon we went shopping at Shangri-la. I bought children book in Tagalog (mostly folks tale) I bought postcard, some flip flops and then some Bench clothing.  When we came back we took a nap, later tonight we will head out to visit some more family.

I have seen lots of very unusual things and I have already taken lots of pictures and videos.

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