Monday, June 9, 2008

Manila week 2

I barely get a second for myself and I am suffering deeply from it. I have now been here in Manila for a week. My sister is arriving tomorrow night. The only reason I get to post today, is because it is 6 am and I can't sleep anymore. This week, I got to visit the historical part of Manila (Intramuros) and yesterday we went to Lake Tahaal  to see the volcano. The scenery was amazing! I took hundreds of pictures. I also got to eat more philipinos food. Everything is really good here!!!

Earlier this week I got really sick. I am now better. I think it was a combination of jet lag and dehydration. Now I am being careful and drinking lots of fluid.

2 days ago was my bf's cousin's wedding. It was beautiful! I have to say thought.... Italian weddings are nothing compare to Philipino wedding!!! Scary eh!!! If you get the picture! Such a big fuss... I couldn't believe it!!! Anyway...

So by now I have met his whole dad side. Now I have to meet his mom's side! So many names and faces to remember. (A funny side note) On his mom's side, I met one of his cousin yesterday. Him and my bf are just like twins!!!! Scary! Apparently there is a third one which makes them triplets. 

I am just not getting use to his family pressure.... and also the driver, the maids... the cooks and all that. I need my freedom back.. oh and I want to choose my own food and cook it...

Today I think the plans call for more shopping and visiting a marble factory....

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