Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sick in Manila...

Things I learned  since I got to the Philippines:

-Always carry your own toilet paper.

-If you need to go, McDonald has some of the best public washroom.

- In some cases, it is worth it to pay the extra and go to a pay washroom.

-If you are not use to the weather make sure you drink plenty.

-Bring your own Gravol... they don't sell it here!

-People are extremely nice, especially if you need to jump the line in the washroom!!!

Ok, from this short list you can probably guess it: I have been extremely sick for the last 24 hours. Right now I am feelign a bit better. I probably suffered from dehydration or else maybe sometime from the water. No food has been stying in my body. With such a busy schedule I couldn't stay home and sleep it off... so I visited every public washroom everywhere we went... I also drank my weigth in Gatorade, Gastrolyte and some othe discusting re hydration medecine.

Yesterday I tried the dress... it is ok. The cut is nice, the color is horrible. (Pink) I bought blue satin shoes to go with it... my revenge ;-)

Other than that my bf's family has been so nice. I get along with all of his cousins and we are really having a great time!!! (Oh and I found out none of the girl cousin like the dresses they have... the mom's all pick the fabric... so we are all in the same boat lol)

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