Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mount Fuji

In Japan there is a saying. Only a fool would climb Mount Fuji twice!! Lindsey, you’re a fool! But a cool fool!! Thank you so much for climbing Mount Fuji with me! Marie, I am sorry we had to leave you behind but like I said… there was going to be casualties on the way up! You were one of them!


I climbed Mount Fuji! It could really well be the accomplishment of my life. It was hard. Really hard. My body and my mental were pushed to the limit. It was amazing. I will not go in details. I think the pictures talk for themselves… so please look at them.
We started our climb at 10:30. Total darkness. We climbed in the darkness… then suddenly at 4am the light started to peek out. Suddenly we could see. The colors. Amazing. The colors after a night of darkness… How can I say. The sun rised. It was more than a beautiful sunrise. It was the light coming out after a night in hell. It was colors. Energy. Spirit. It was LIFE. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. The sun rising.

We made it to the top at 6:30 am. After 8 hours of none stop climbing. After shivering in cold sweet. Tired. But it was amazing. The way up was long… it was like walking in a snow storm in 3 feet of snow… with the wind blowing and the dirt in your eyes… but the way down was harder. It was hard and scary. So slippery. Just like skiing. My quads still hurt. 4 hours of slipping down mount fuji. I fell. I scratched my left leg. It didn’t hurt… my body was hurting. My scratch was nothing.

So now I am back home… resting for a day. My body is not that soar and the cuts on my leg not infected. Outside there is a mean thunderstorm. I am so happy I climbed mount Fuji. I can’t wait to do it again… one day… call me a fool… will you ;-)