Saturday, July 25, 2009

EITO RANGER: Concert report

Hard to describe the concert this year! I guess the word would be EPIC!! 

First off, we got to the venue early and try to exchange our extra pair of tickets for another performance. We failed so we just decided to sell them. We sold the tickets to an american girl for face value. She was so happy. When it was finally time to go in, we got really excited to find out how amazing our seats were!!! The show opened with Ohkura and Yokoyama standing right in front of us for Musekinin Hero.
The set list was not as great as last year, but the overall performance was much better. Unlike last year, Subaru was amazing, I had never heard such great vocal from him. Yokoyama still on his high from Quiz Show was also amazing. 

Unlike last year, there weren’t many band song. The show was a lot more mixed up in style. Within 3 hours, they went from pop-ish boys band, to hard core rock, to 50s style and broadway. But the best was without any doubt the EITO Rangers’ skit!! Last year was such a disapointment for us. For the first time they had not done an eito ranger skit. But it was worth the wait!!! This was by far the best skit they’ve ever done. I almost died laughing when they performed the dance from the West Side story famous fight-scene. Or when they did a mock up of a japanese commercial I really like.
If the show and the skit were Epic, the MC was as well. I had never seen Ohkura and Subaru talk this much in an MC. It started with Hina saying that he was as talented as any other Johnny’s and that he could take on Arashi anytime. To prove his point, he sang One Love Acapella. Then him and Yokoyama had that never ending fight as to who is the best singer between the two of them (the joke being they both suck) That’s when they all cornered Yokoyama and forced him to also sing Acapella. It was so funny to finally see all the guys get back at Yoko. Usually he’s the one abusing them during the MC!!
Last little note: Towards the end of the show, the rolling cart went between the rows so we had Nishikido right by us. We waved our canadian flag and when he saw us, he said thank you and bowed down!!!

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