Monday, July 6, 2009

Food Food Food and a movie!

This morning I was up at 5 am. Jetlag is still playing me tricks. Today we decided to stay put and visit Ota instead. We left early and stoped by Lawson to buy some onigiri for breakfast. Then we biked our way to Ota. On the way, I saw the biggest Subaru car plant. That is where they design and test the cars… you should see the security. They even have a dig surrounding the compound. We kept going and made it to Aveon mall. A huge americain style mall. On my way I was surprised to see how diverse the food was. I had notice, last year in Tokyo, that the only food you could get there was japanese food or american fastfood. Here it is totally different. You can easily get italian, indian, chinese, french, bresilienne, portugese, philipino… food.

Blue Kitkat Ramon flavored
After the movie we went to eat lunch. I payed 210 yen for my whole lunch (2.50$) and it was absolutly tasty!!! After we went arround and did a little bit of shopping. I bought some eito’s keychain for a great bargain price. Ohhhhhhhhhh shopping in Japan is so fabulous!!! I really wished I had money to spend…. It’s heart breaking to see all the cool stuff I could get but this year I intend on keeping my money to travel as much a possible… so no shopping for me.

At night, we had dinner with my sister’s boss at a Korean restaurant!!! OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the wonderful food!!!! I tried so many new things and everything was tasty beyong belief. It was a meal we would never have been able to afford. We are truly lucky to have been treated to such great food.
That ended our weekend on a very good note. Now this week will be really uneventful. I will mostly be staying home and doing some reading for university.

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