Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Funky Town Osaka

Ohhhhhhhhhh! How much I love Osaka! The city looks, like crayons were given to a four years old and he had designed the whole city! Osaka is weird, beautiful, colorful and absolutly over the top. So what did I do in Osaka? 
Well what else… I walked down the streets over and over again trying to take in all the sights, I ate. I ate. I ate even more… okonomiyaki, takoyaki… I went to visit Billiken and I watched a johnny’s concert! I also shopped till I dropped. Oh my favorite place in the world for shopping is Osaka. I mean Paris is great but out of my league. Now Osaka has great “Bargain Sale”. The people are also really different there. Osaka is a world apart from Tokyo, Osaka is dirty, Tokyo is clean. Osaka people are a bit rude (well to Japanese standards anyway), Tokyo people are annoyingly polite (and fake). Osaka’s food is amazing. Tokyo’s food is… good. Osaka is a lot like Canada! So anyway, I spent all in day in random conversation with old people there… Let me tell you, the Obachan are nosy!!! But very nice and funny.
I also got caught in the middle of the variety show featuring a famous Kansai comedian. So I will probably be on TV looking like a lost gaijin with my map in my hands… and totally in the way of the comedian.

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