Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gokusen the Movie

Some people go to teacher’s college, others like me watch Gokusen and learn. (I should also add My boss my hero and Rookies.) Anyway, I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since the first serie!!! I can’t believe I happen to be in Japan when the movie gets release!!! 7 years in the making. This is Epic. The expectation were high… and well the movie lived up to the drama. How to say… the movie was equally as bad as the drama!!! And off course I enjoyed it ;-) 
Now I have to say, I truly believe they had to completely changed the script when it was announced Matsumoto Jun would not take part. In some really sad ways, I think Matsumoto Jun ruined the movie!! So here is my review in point form:
  • I think Kame’s part was suppose to be Jun’s part… which would have made so much more sense. They would also have been able to end the love story between Yankumi and Shin… but noooooo!! Matsumoto had to ruin it and decide to do the drama Smile instead!! Way to go Matsumoto… you ruined 7 years in the making!! As for Kame... he did a good job filling in for Shin...
  • Kame finally looks like he’s eating!!!
  • Gokusen is such a wealthy franchise… you would think they would hired someone to write an interesting plot!! I mean for god sake… they even built a Gokusen shrine outside of NTV!!! (Yeah, you can go and pray there!!)
  • Miura Haruma is probably the best looking kid to come out of Japan since Kubozuka Yosuke. Unfortunatly, he seems to be stuck in horrible dramas. I really liked him in Koizora the movie. 
  • Yankumi rocks!!!! 
  • It was nice seing so many of the kids from the previous 3 seasons!! 
  • I think it was a good thing Akanishi could not be in the drama.. afterall we had the Jin wanna be kid from the 3rd season to represent the both of them! 
  • I was glad the plot centered arround Miura Haruma’s character!! I was afraid the Jin wanna be kid would be center stage. 
  • Yeah Mitsubishi!!! (That one is for you Marie)

And for those who are interested here is a link to the movie trailer.


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