Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nagano-Matsumoto or the bloody mess...

After my Osaka trip, I came back to Tokyo, slept at Lindsay and got up early the next day to catch a train for Nagano. That morning was my first goodbye of the the trip. I hate saying goodbye... so obviously there was a tear scene at the Shinjuku west entrance Jr line. I have to put this in here: Thank's Lindsay for having me over. I had a great time!!
So I was off to Nagano. Got there... nothing to see. So I kept going and took the train for Matsumoto. I thought it would be a 20 minute train ride... turns out the limited express takes 1 hour!!!!!!!!!! I had not taken that in consideration in my plans so I actually got to Matsumoto at 5 pm!!! I jumped on a bus and went to the castle. I had to be back in Oizumi for 9pm so that left me a big 20 minutes to visit Matsumoto. So got the the castle walked quickly around, took some picture than walked back to the station through the frog street. And that was it.

I guess you could call it an express visit to Matsumoto. Took 3 hours to get there and well I stayed 20 minutes. I went back to the station, did a bit of shopping and learned that there would not be a limited express to take me back because of an accident. So I had to take the local train back to Nagano (1h45 minutes). So local train it was... but because of it, I was badly behind scedule. I had to be back in Oizumi for 9pm. I just had too. So I finally got to Nagano, took the Shinkensen to Takasaki. Got bento boxes there for dinner (the daruma bento box). Took the next train for Isesaki and that's where disaster struck!!! 

I only had 2 minutes in Isesaki to catch the Ota train. 2 minutes to cross the station and change line!! i was carrying all my stuff from Osaka so it was going to be hard. Usually we have to run to make it. Not making the train meant I would have to wait another 1 before the next one. I was already so late and even by catching the train I was not going to be back in Oizumi until 10:00. So like everyone else, I ran to catch the train. The wheel of my suitcase got caught and I flew in the air (about one meter) and landed flat out on my stomach in the hurrying crowed. Yep. That was embarrassing. Also very painful. 4-5 people rushed to help me. All my stuff was spread out on the platform. At least they held the train so I still ended up making it... but my left leg... what a disaster. It was completely in blood. Actually it looked exactly like when I tumbled down Mt. Fuji last year (same leg also). When I finally got to Oizumi, Marie laughed when she saw my leg, she said it was becoming a End-of-trip-to-Japan-tradition for me...
So I got there at 10pm just in time for Orthros no Inu!!! Yep, all this so I could watch the first episode the the new Tackey-Ryo drama.

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