Monday, July 6, 2009

Rain rain go away, come again another day

Yesterday was one of those days where I come up with a wonderfully bad idea and put it to execution!!! I got up early and made breakfast (french toast) as the rain was pourring down outside. Rainning season is running late this year and it surely is putting a damper on my trip. But I will not let the rain stop me. So then we watched TV. Re-runs of Hideaki Takizawa’s old drama are on TV since he’s got a new one starting soon.
At arround 1pm, Marie left for work and I decided to bike all the way to Book Off (about 20 minutes away) Although the sky was very gray, it had stopped rainning so I made my way across Oizumi, got there, bought 2 older magasines with K8 on the cover and then decided to bike all the way to Isesaki (another 19 km).
 Half way there, the rain started pourring so I took out my umbrella and tried to balance on the bike like a good japanese person!! As I finally got home, I notice the sky was a lot clearer straight a head, and since I didn’t make it to Isesaki I decided to bike all the way to Tatebayashi (10 km). I made my way to Tatebayashi, I stopped at a Ministop corner store to buy an Onigiri. A light rain started falling. I ate my onigiri as the ligth rain turned into heavy downpour!!!
I took my umbrella out once again and balanced as well as I could but this time, because of the open air rice field, the wind was really strong and kept pushing me from side to side. I started to think my bike ride was not such a great idea afterall and that I should have learned the first time and stayed home!!
The rain was rushing down and even though I had an umbrella, I was completely soaked! All I could do, now was to protect the magasines I had bought earlier. I finally got home covered in mud.
 I watched re-runs of the second season of Gokusen ( the movie is coming out this week… oh so exciting!) and I finished Ook Chung second short stories book “Contes Buto”. Marie got back from work and we went for sushi. We got back home and watched Arashi on Music Champ. Then we watched Nakai summer drama special. The games were not as exciting as the previous years. The drama season also doesn’t look that great. I’ve decided now to watch Buzzer Beat, and Tacky’s new drama. I migth decided to watch a third one but I still have yet to watch Voice, Kiserazu Cat eyes, Attention Please, Mei-chan and Bloody Monday. I love Japanese TV so much. It is so wonderful being able to watch it in real time. I love the commercials too ;-) There were a few funny ones last night.
 Last nigth before going to bed, we got an e-mail saying out tickets for K8’s concert had been mailled. That means we will receive them either today or tomorrow. We are really anxious about finally finding out where we will be seating. Although it is a really small concert venue, we are hopping to get B2 or B3 blocks tickets. Unfortunatly with our bad luck this year, I am sure we will end up with E or F block tickets. I have to say the whole Japanese system for attending concert is nerve wracking. First you have to be part of the fan club, then you have to enter a lottery to win tickets to a concert then if you did win tickets, you have to wait 2 weeks before the date of your show. They get mailed out to you and surprised surprised you find out where you will be seating.
Last year, we balloted for Tokyo dome, got tickets and we were sitting 18th row. That was unbeleivable. This year, no luck so far…. We balloted for 9 concerts… got nothing in the lottery. We had to pay double the price for resale lottery seats… and now we are waiting for the tickets from the seller. 
So all this to say that today I will stay home and wait for the mailman (here they don’t give you your mail if you are not home in person). I will probably run before lunch to go buy some magasines (Wink, Duet and Potato are coming out today)  and the rest of the time I will be doing some reading for me and university.

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