Saturday, July 4, 2009

Japan 2009

So here I am, off to Japan again this summer. I feel really lucky to be able to continue last summer's adventure where I left it off.
Day 1, July 1st 2009
Got up at 4:30 am after 3 hours of sleep. Tristan and I had Tim Horton's while driving down to Pearson's airport. We got to the aiport at 6:30 and went to process my check in. Eveything went well, I left Tristan at the security check point. I really didn't cry that much so I was really proud of myself. The lady at the american security check yelled at me for going too fast!!! I was really upset about her absolute rudeness. (I was only going fast because the other lady from the otherside of the metal detector keep asking me to get through... ahhhh border checks....
I boarded the aircanada aircraft towards Los Angeles. It was a nice plane, really roomy, good entertainement... and a total lack of services. No food too. Not even a tiny little pretzel snack pack. I was glad I brought food with me.
En route, I saw the Rockies (somewhere between Denver and Salt Lake city) and I also saw the Grand Canyon. It was really impressif. I got to LA. What an ugly city. I was not impress... the airport was also horrible and old and shitty. I think only Manila has a worst airport. People were also really rude. I got lost changing terminal with another girl from Toronto that I had met on the plane. We found our way and got there 30 minutes before boarding.
From LA to Narita I flew All Nipon Airway. Wow what a difference!! The plane was nice but smaller than what we flew last year with North West Airline. The entertainement on board was really limited but who cared... they fed us none stop!!! There was always more food comming and drinks too. You never had the time to go thirsty!! Juice, pop, wine...  Now I have to say the food was not the best. It was just ok, but I was glad to finally eat. The service was great but I would not have expected anything else... it is a Japanese company after all. The plane was roomy. I had a window seat but saw nothing for it was really cloudy the whole time.
Day 2. July 2nd
I got to Narita at 4pm on the 2nd. I had already been 3 times to that airport so I found my way really easily. My suitcase was one of the first out and I didn't have to stop at the quarantine inspection. I zoomed through security talking in Japanese. The poor kid who was about my age seemed really relief and let me through without asking me to open any bag (unlike last year). So 20 minutes after landing I was out in the fresh.... humid air. It was only 20 degrees but I was already sweating like a pig. I quickly found the bus compagny and bought my ticket. It was more price than the train but at least I didn't have to connect 4 times, so I could just sit and relax. The bus ride took 3 hours and 1 minutes. It was through the country side and rice field most of the time. I got off at Ota Minamiguchi and waited for Marie to pick me up. She arrived with her japanese friend Mariko. They had a car so that was great. On the way we listened to Puzzle: Kanjani8's new album.
We stoped by the bento place and bought dinner 390 yen for a whole meal (like 4.50$) I had fish, rice and salade.
We got to Marie's appartement, I gave her all her goodies and then we went to bed at about 11 pm.
Day 3. July 3rd 2009.
I got up at 11 am. Marie had cooked breakfest Japanese style. Salmon and rice with bonito flakes. Then at 12:30 we went to her school to pick up my bicycle. She showed me arround quickly then she went to work. I went arround Oizumi and got to the 100yen shop (dollar store) I found lots of things I want ;-) I really like Japanese dollar stores. Then I went to the grocery and bought myself lunch. UFO ramen. Off course ;-) I also bought Pepsi. (Note to self : Pepsi here sucks, so buy coke zero next time). At 14:30 I was back at Marie's place. I had lunch while watching a travel show. They were in Chichibu national park. I went there last year and did white water rafting there.
I went for a nap. Woke up at 4:00pm and then slept again till 7:30pm. Emily woke me up with some delicious cake. Then the 3 of us went for Sushi at a rotating belt place. It was ok, but really great for the price. I had maguro!! We got back home at 10pm after doing the grocery. I bought the magasine Wink Up and read it. (well more like looked at the pictures). We planned our weekend which will involve a trip to Takasaki and a trip to Nikko.
We finally went to bed at 12:30 and I hardy slept...

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