Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sukiyanen Osaka

It feel funny writing this now. I am back home in Canada. I am looking back at my wonderful memories wishing I was still there making more. But let's go back in time where I left off. My last day in Osaka. Oh, I still have to mention how much I love Osaka. But at the same time, Osaka can be a bit scary. On my last day, I was approached by a weird man and he kept asking weird question which led me to think I should get away from him as soon as possible... which I did by jumping into a tour boat along the Osaka Canal. I didn't let that bad start ruin my day. Once more I was on a mission. Last year, during my visit to Osaka, it was pouring rain, so this year I intended on doing the same itinerary, in the same order but under the sunshine. So I took out,my map and my notes from last year and used the exact same schedule. I even went back to the shrine where I had met and save the little old lady from the rain.
Once I was done, I went back to Namba and ate more Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki. I still can't believe how much I ate while in Osaka!! But the food is on a whole different level there.
To finish the day, while waiting for my train, I shopped some more till I dropped. Clothing, omiyage, food... There were lots of end of season sale so I got Russ-K t-shirts for 900 yen!!! I also picked up a whole new outfit at Uniqlo for under 3000 yen!!

Now I forgot to say: during my visit to Osaka, there was a solar eclipse. I had known this for a long time and I was so excited to be able to witness it. Last time there was one in Canada, I missed it!!! So it was my chance to finally see one!!! Well, no luck. I stood on the bridge of the canal with thousand of people, news reporters, cameraman... and saw nothing. It was too cloudy. We did notice it got darker but that was it...

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