Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tegomass concert report

Well… I finally saw Tegomass. Not that I am a fan or anything. Well I am. So I had tickets. Bad bad bad seats… actually we didn’t even had seats. My tickets were Tachimi. Which means I had to stand at the very back of the arena… and well see nothing. But gladly for me, this concert was not at all Johnny’s like… no costume, no dancing. All singing, amazing vocals. A full 12 pieces band. The concert opened with an Acapella version of Miso Soup. These guys can sing but I have to say I was highly impress. They sang none stop for 3 hours by themselves. No solos, so no time to rest. They really connected with the crowd and against all odd they did really well at MC.
Koyama and Shige were the guest for the MC. I have to say the crowed went absolutely crazy and so did I!!! At first I thought Nishikido would be the guest since the concert was in Osaka but it makes so much more sense to have Koyama and Shige there for the MC.
They sang many many songs. Some I knew… some I didn’t. They sang my favorite song. They also sang their new single Tanabata no Matsuri but without the yukatta ;-)
Funny coincidence, the girl I went to the show with is from Brampton and goes to Ryerson… small world!!
Note: They gave me trouble when it was time to get into the arena… because it wasn’t my name on the ticket!!! So heads up for those attending this tour!

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