Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tokyo The Hood

Wow!! After spending so much time in rural Japan, I had forgotten how crowed the streets of Tokyo are!! But oh what a beautiful city! The green space, the lights, the architecture.  But lets go back a bit.

Yesterday, after going for lunch with Marie, I took the train for Tokyo. I got off at Ikebukuro and found myself knowing exactly where to go. Not much had change in a year and I had the feeling of getting back to exactly where I left it. I headed straight for Sunshine city and went to Tokyu Hand. I went a head and bought 9 pairs of glasses for a little under 600$. Yep do the math!!! I was so excited. The kids working at the store were really surprise so I explain to them that glasses are really expensive in Canada and not nearly as nice!! After my shopping bonanza, I walked around Ikebukuro a bit and took the Yamanote line for Shinjuku.
Shinjuku is one of the place in Tokyo I do not really care for. I mean it is nice but I much rather spend time in Roppongi, Harajuku or Shibuya. But since I am staying at Lindsay I spent my evening there waiting for her to be done work.

So I first went up the observatory up the government building and hoped to see Fuji San but once more this year: no chance!! Then I went to Kabuchiko and got harassed by Host!! Wow, I forgot how insistent they can be. Then I went to the ramen dark alley and ate Udon. Tourist always walk down that street, take picture and leave. They never end up eating there so I looked really out of place at the counter between 2 salary men.

It was finally time to meet Lindsay!!! Wow, I can not believe it had been a year!! We chatted for part of the night and then I had the j0y of sleeping on a very comfy couch!!! What a nice change from sleeping on the floor!!!

After my first day in Tokyo I am glad to say that I can still navigate without map!!! Yeah, me!

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