Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kara- ok!!!

First off we finally received the tickets. Big disappointment. F block… But then again we are not sure what it means. There is no official seating map for that venue. So I looked around on the internet and I think they might use the seating chart from Kumamoto. If that is the case or ticket isn’t that bad after all. We would be between 10-13 row of the walkway, directly aligned with the middle stage. Although this ticket is very disappointing for this specific venue, I have to keep in mind how SMALL the venue is (7000 people).

Marie made breakfast Japanese style: Salmon, rice, nori, bonito flake.
So even though we have some of the worst tickets, it is still the closest I will ever see this band. Last year in Tokyo Dome (55 000 people) we were 22nd row on the far end stage side. So that’s a major improvement… not to mention I sat second last row at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka!!! Therefor it should still be a really good show ;-) Hey what the heck! It is Arena seats afterall!!!
In order to prepare for the concert, Marie and I bought super high platform shows. Yep Japanese girl do that so in order to be able to see something we decided to do the same.

Later that day, we went Karaoke with Ani and Marie’s Japanese friends. We pretty much sang and danced the whole K8 song book. The clue of the evening was without any doubts Ani singing Wonderboy and outdoing Yoko at it. (I never knew such a thing was possible.) Perhaps also, all 5 of us doing the Koi no ABO dance and forgetting to sing would rank high in the top five. Oh, and Marie and I sang both Chirarizumu and Murarisuto!!!!

We came back home at 2 in the morning. We had such a great time. Ohhhhh I love Karaoke so much. I really need to practice more of my K8 songs. Back home we always sing NewS since they only have 3 K8 song in the book!!!
I can’t wait to go back!

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