Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oigami in, Tatebayashi out! Nagano no show!!

Oigami IN

Yesterday Ani and I went to Oigami. Oigami is pretty much in the middle of no where after a 45 minutes bus ride from Numata. The landscape was amazing and the cool mountain air felt great. Our day started at 6:30 am. We arrived in Oigami (after taking the wrong bus) at around 11 am. As soon as we got there, we knew this would be a great day!!

We started off by going to the the Fukiware Falls. It was absolutly stunning. Not the biggest falls I’ve seen, but very unsual. It was a great walk in the mountain and definitively worth the trip! I recommand this place if you ever travel in Japan!! 

Along the way, there were a few local cuisine restaurant. We stopped for lunch and I had some white fish. Oishikatta desu!!!!
We then made our way to the onsen. Oigami is known for it’s onsen. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed by the one we went to. Nowhere near as good as the one I went to in Saitama. If I go back, I will check some of the other Ryokan. Gorokaku was not worth it. Anyhow, bathing in the outdoor was still very pleasant. We stayed a few hours and then had to catch back the bus to Numata. 
We got home and watched some funny videos. After going through my budget, I decided not to go to Nagano the fallowing day. I rather keep my money for my excursion to Kansai!
Yesterday was also the day, Marie’s Japanese failed us… Turns out, weeks ago we DID win tickets through the ballot process for Kanazawa. They are getting mailed out to us as we speak… So now we have two pairs of tickets for the same show. We will keep the best seats and we will try reselling them at the venue or exchanging them for one of the other 3 concerts that weekend.

Tatebayashi OUT!
Today, we all got up at 6:30. The girls were going to Nagano and I was going to Tatebayashi. I recounted my money quickly just to see… no way I could afford going to Nagano. I went to Tatebayashi (the greenest city is Japan). Well, true it is green… and very unexciting. Tatebayashi must beautiful for the Hanami but in summer time, it just isn’t that impressive. I walk all the way to Tsutsugaokakoen to see the Lotus flowers. They were hard to find. Even thought the ones I saw were beautiful, there really wasn’t much of them. At this time of the year they should be in full bloom, but they weren’t. I took a few pictures and headed back home.

I stopped by a take out sashimi place and took a whole platter of Maguro sashimi. I took it home and had the pleasure of having lunch with Marie’s TV. Or I should say, me and VSArashi had lunch together.

It is now 2 pm. I just got a mailed from Marie. They finally got tickets from the scalper after 3 hours of hard bargaining and they are now enjoying the concert in Nagano. As for me, I will do my laundry and start planning my day tomorrow. I might go to Nikko tomorrow and Karuizawa on Monday. I am not sure. I will see depending on the weather. Then on Tuesday starts the Journey… to be followed.

Little up-date as I do my laundry...

Well, TV and I had a great afternoon... Now I am doing my laundry. I didn't bring much clothing since I had no place in my suitcase. I will hit Uniqlo when I get to Tokyo this week. I can't wait!

So while I do my laundry I got these pictures from my sister:

Ohhhh. Such great seats. She said she had to sell her soul to the scalper thought. lol. I can't wait for next weekend.

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