Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I spy with my own little eyes... a Cactus??!!??

I will not go into details for the last few days since they mainly consisted of shopping from outlet to outlet. I will just say, I bought an Izod skirt and sweater, a pair of boots, a pair of Nine West Shoes and a Liz Claiborne Jacket. All this for about 100$.

Yesterday was a bit different. We headed outside of the city to go see Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. Well lake Mead is a lake and Hoover dam is a dam... neeedless to say I was unimpress. But don't get me wrong... the trip itself ended up being really interesting!!! If the dam was not impressive; the landscape was!!! Cactus!!!!! Real cactus in the wild!!! So on the way there, all you could here in the car was... oh! A cactus!! Oh another one!!! We even stoped to take our pictures with some of them ;-) The other highlights would be standing with one foot in Nevada and one foot in Arizona. I had a foot in the future and a foot in the past!

In the evening, we tried another buffet (Texas Station). It was good but once more I must say I liked the Hilton buffet better. (Mostly because there is an Oyster Bar). We then proceded to the Fremont Experience! I loved that street. By far the best street for souvenir shopping. ABC store is a great place for them. We went inside the Golden Nugget Casino and I saw the coolest waterslide/swimming pool/aquarium. Yep! You slide in a clear tube through a tank filled with sharks and fishes!!!

We played for free at that Casino (just join the players club) and won 30$. After 9 days in Vegas, if I deduct the amount we spent playing (10$ for both of us) we are up 60$.
Last but not least... my lungs are suffering dearly!! I have to say this whole city reeks cigarette smoke. It's absolutely disgusting!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Yesterday was Tristan birthday. And what a day it turned out to be. Being in Vegas, the day started off with a family lunch at the Buffet. This time we went to Redrock Feast. Sadly it wasn't really good and most of the food was overcooked. But being in good company, we had a great time chating and catching up with his cousins aunts and uncles. We then proceeded to watch Tristan pay is birthday luck at the Roulette table. He easily double his 40 dollars and cashed out.
Then it was a shop till you drop bonanza at Vegas Outlet Mall. And I did shop till I drop. I bought nice new black knee high boots and a skirt and sweater. Tristan got some nice square toes black leather shoes. The time flew away as we hopped from store to store. That's when we got into trouble... We had been asked to meet back at 8pm for dinner. At 8:30 we were still shopping... What we didn't know is that we weren't exactly suppose to meet for dinner, as a surprise Tristan's parents had bought us Cirque Du Soleil Tickets to watch O. As we learned that, we dashed full speed across the mall and made it to the parked car. We hopped in and crossed the city. We got there right in time!!!!
OHHHHHHHHH what an amazing show. Absolutely breath taking. The sets, the costumes, the acts!!! We were sitting in the very last row but the view was still amazing. As a matter of fact, I think the view must have been better for us. I strongly recommend watching this show!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Here is a tip for effective gambling in Vegas.
  • Sign up for the players card, each casino has one. You get free gift and it's free.

So at the Encore we signed in for the players card and got 10$ of free gambling. So Idid good use of it and added 1 dollars from my own pocket. I managed to win 9 dollars then loose it all ;-) Tristan managed to reach 47$ then loose it all. Jacquie went up to 15 then lost it all... ;-) 

We all played the 1 cent machine. In the end the three of us played for 2 hours, and invested a total of 3 dollars ;-) We will probably gamble a little more before we go... but it will be the same patern. ;-)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Hotels Hopping

The last two days were filled with delight... food, architecture, relaxation and good compagny.
For the last two days we have pretty much been hotel hopping. It would be too long to describe everyone of them but there are a few I just have to mention. So far, my top 3 hotels stand in this order:
  • Wynn
  • Mirage
  • Cesar's Palace

The Wynn is just grand and so beautiful. If most of Vegas is tackey and made out of plaster and plastic (I like to refer to it as the P and P city) the wynn stands out by its sheer elegance and artwork. I also like the Mirage for the same reason. This hotel is older but share that same concept of elegance. On the other hand the Cesar is tackey but intriging. You have to the size of the that complex. It is grand!

So for Christmas eve, we went and checked in at the Redrock spa and casino resort on the outskirt of the city. That hotel is very posh and sophisticated. The washroom itself were worth the trip! Because we were overnight guest, we could use the spa!! So I spent most of my Christmas Eve soaking in a jacuzzi and steaming myself with Eucalyptus vapors. Later on that night we all drove back to the strip and attended midnight mass... I have to say, even the priest  had the Vegas showmanship in his blood. It made for a very funny, almost stand up comic like mass. Then we had a very big Chinese food feast...
On Christmas morning, I went again to the spa ;-) Oh, just like Onsen, I love spas, so much. We then checked out and went for buffet at Palms! Crab legs and Clam time ;-) I feel sorry for that amazing creature, but I must have had 3-4 crabs by myself.
We then proceeded to do more hotel hopping, we watch the Volcano explode at the mirage, twice. We took millions of pictures. And got back home with some very very tired feet ;-)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

My first full day in Vegas was filled with excitement. We started off the day with a little visit to In n Out burger for lunch. This place is famous around here and apparently serves more than 8000 burgers a day!!! Then we started out Hotel sightseeing hopping day. We visited Excalibur, Mandalay Bay, Luxor and MGM Grand. I have to say as amazing as the sight is... everything is fake. Fake walls, fake stone floor, fake luxury.... fake boobs.
In Mandalay bay, we visited the reef shark exhibit. It is a nice little aquarium with a few reptile. At MGM Grand, we visited the Lion Habitat (MGM=Lion) and the CSI experience. I have to say, I was glad we had free Tickets for the CSI Experiment. The concept is good but I would have been really angry to pay 31$ (That's how much they charge) for it. The interactive exhibit was just short of being a waste of time. You were given a crime to solve which is great but the crime was for dummy dummies!

We had dinner at the Hilton buffet. I had lots of shrimp, mussel and OYSTER! We ended or day with a visit to Tristan's cousins at the Grand Chateau Mariotte. There we chatted half the night away and got back home at around 2 am.
I have to say, so far I am having a great time... but Vegas is not a place for me. Sex, Alcohol and Gaming. That's really all there is to it. I just can't believe the amount of families here... so many kids??!!?? Yet everywhere you look there are half naked women and half naked men!!

Today we are heading outside of Vegas towards the beautiful mountains surrounding us!!! We are going to stay at Redrock. I am really excited about it. Christmas Eve by the pool ;-)
Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!
Here I am sitting in Vegas, getting ready for my first day of sightseeing! But I must admit it was a rough road to get here. We left Pearson International airport at 1pm and got to Detroit about 30 minutes late. I love Detroit's airport and I wished I had had the time to walk around a bit... but instead, we had to run a 100 meter dash (more like 1km) from one side of the airport to the other side to make it to our connecting flight in time. When we got there, turns out the flight was delayed... and delayed... and delayed....

The flight between Detroit and Las Vegas felt so long. The plane was spacious but there was no personal TV or big screen. I sat next to this old American couple. They were really nice. We chatted a bit. There was turbulence but nothing special... until we tried to land. On the way down the turbulence got REALLY bad, the plane started shifting side to side. AS we approached the ground, the pilot decided to got back up again and use a different runway... Turns out the wind was severely strong... So we circled twice over the Vegas and tried landing again... once more turbulence got bad, the plane started shifting side to side. Everyone was so quiet on board, we could see the ground approaching really quickly. The lady next to me was very nervous and so was I. A few meters from the ground, the plane started going more to the side and jumping up and down. The lady grabbed my hand. I had my eyes closed just hoping everything was going to go well. We hit the run way really hard still going at a really high speed. The breaking was also very sudden. But we made it. Everyone started clapping. The pilot apologized. Everyone was just happy to be safe on the ground. 

Only when we stepped out of the airport did I realize how windy is was!!!! No wonder the plane had trouble. Tristan's aunt picked us up and we went to have dinner!!! Korean food, in Korean town!!!!! Oh it was so delicious. I will post a picture of my meal next time. Then we went to the Korean grocery and Target!!!! I bought some shampoo, Aveeno shampoo!!! I also bought new headset for my Iphone. Now I should go get ready, we are off to the Stratosphere, MGM and Luxor hotel!! If the wind could only calm down a bit.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A new adventure

5 months have passed and I am getting ready for a new adventure.
This time I am staying much closer to home. I am flying out to Las Vegas for 10 days.
It shall be a much different experience.
I am not sure if I will like it or not but I am eager to go and visit the city of sins!
3 days until departure!