Thursday, December 24, 2009

Here I am sitting in Vegas, getting ready for my first day of sightseeing! But I must admit it was a rough road to get here. We left Pearson International airport at 1pm and got to Detroit about 30 minutes late. I love Detroit's airport and I wished I had had the time to walk around a bit... but instead, we had to run a 100 meter dash (more like 1km) from one side of the airport to the other side to make it to our connecting flight in time. When we got there, turns out the flight was delayed... and delayed... and delayed....

The flight between Detroit and Las Vegas felt so long. The plane was spacious but there was no personal TV or big screen. I sat next to this old American couple. They were really nice. We chatted a bit. There was turbulence but nothing special... until we tried to land. On the way down the turbulence got REALLY bad, the plane started shifting side to side. AS we approached the ground, the pilot decided to got back up again and use a different runway... Turns out the wind was severely strong... So we circled twice over the Vegas and tried landing again... once more turbulence got bad, the plane started shifting side to side. Everyone was so quiet on board, we could see the ground approaching really quickly. The lady next to me was very nervous and so was I. A few meters from the ground, the plane started going more to the side and jumping up and down. The lady grabbed my hand. I had my eyes closed just hoping everything was going to go well. We hit the run way really hard still going at a really high speed. The breaking was also very sudden. But we made it. Everyone started clapping. The pilot apologized. Everyone was just happy to be safe on the ground. 

Only when we stepped out of the airport did I realize how windy is was!!!! No wonder the plane had trouble. Tristan's aunt picked us up and we went to have dinner!!! Korean food, in Korean town!!!!! Oh it was so delicious. I will post a picture of my meal next time. Then we went to the Korean grocery and Target!!!! I bought some shampoo, Aveeno shampoo!!! I also bought new headset for my Iphone. Now I should go get ready, we are off to the Stratosphere, MGM and Luxor hotel!! If the wind could only calm down a bit.

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