Friday, December 25, 2009

Hotels Hopping

The last two days were filled with delight... food, architecture, relaxation and good compagny.
For the last two days we have pretty much been hotel hopping. It would be too long to describe everyone of them but there are a few I just have to mention. So far, my top 3 hotels stand in this order:
  • Wynn
  • Mirage
  • Cesar's Palace

The Wynn is just grand and so beautiful. If most of Vegas is tackey and made out of plaster and plastic (I like to refer to it as the P and P city) the wynn stands out by its sheer elegance and artwork. I also like the Mirage for the same reason. This hotel is older but share that same concept of elegance. On the other hand the Cesar is tackey but intriging. You have to the size of the that complex. It is grand!

So for Christmas eve, we went and checked in at the Redrock spa and casino resort on the outskirt of the city. That hotel is very posh and sophisticated. The washroom itself were worth the trip! Because we were overnight guest, we could use the spa!! So I spent most of my Christmas Eve soaking in a jacuzzi and steaming myself with Eucalyptus vapors. Later on that night we all drove back to the strip and attended midnight mass... I have to say, even the priest  had the Vegas showmanship in his blood. It made for a very funny, almost stand up comic like mass. Then we had a very big Chinese food feast...
On Christmas morning, I went again to the spa ;-) Oh, just like Onsen, I love spas, so much. We then checked out and went for buffet at Palms! Crab legs and Clam time ;-) I feel sorry for that amazing creature, but I must have had 3-4 crabs by myself.
We then proceeded to do more hotel hopping, we watch the Volcano explode at the mirage, twice. We took millions of pictures. And got back home with some very very tired feet ;-)

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