Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I spy with my own little eyes... a Cactus??!!??

I will not go into details for the last few days since they mainly consisted of shopping from outlet to outlet. I will just say, I bought an Izod skirt and sweater, a pair of boots, a pair of Nine West Shoes and a Liz Claiborne Jacket. All this for about 100$.

Yesterday was a bit different. We headed outside of the city to go see Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. Well lake Mead is a lake and Hoover dam is a dam... neeedless to say I was unimpress. But don't get me wrong... the trip itself ended up being really interesting!!! If the dam was not impressive; the landscape was!!! Cactus!!!!! Real cactus in the wild!!! So on the way there, all you could here in the car was... oh! A cactus!! Oh another one!!! We even stoped to take our pictures with some of them ;-) The other highlights would be standing with one foot in Nevada and one foot in Arizona. I had a foot in the future and a foot in the past!

In the evening, we tried another buffet (Texas Station). It was good but once more I must say I liked the Hilton buffet better. (Mostly because there is an Oyster Bar). We then proceded to the Fremont Experience! I loved that street. By far the best street for souvenir shopping. ABC store is a great place for them. We went inside the Golden Nugget Casino and I saw the coolest waterslide/swimming pool/aquarium. Yep! You slide in a clear tube through a tank filled with sharks and fishes!!!

We played for free at that Casino (just join the players club) and won 30$. After 9 days in Vegas, if I deduct the amount we spent playing (10$ for both of us) we are up 60$.
Last but not least... my lungs are suffering dearly!! I have to say this whole city reeks cigarette smoke. It's absolutely disgusting!!!!

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