Friday, March 26, 2010

Yoshitsune's Footstep

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There are only 4 days left before take off. I am growing ever more anxious. I hate flying. I am relieved that this time my flight is a direct one. No stop over, no long wait.
In the last few days, Marie and I have been working out the last details of the trip. First we will spend 2 days in Tokyo, then we will set up camp for 3 weeks in Osaka. From there we will explore the Kansai region, with a quick trip to Hiroshima, Kumamoto, Kanazawa and Hataka. Then we will go back to Tokyo for 3 days. We will go for 1 day to Takasaki and then we will change camp once more and move in with Ayu-chan's family in Chiba. Her father proposed to take us to Fukushima for 2 days and we are also planning a day trip to Kisarazu.

Now the interesting part of our trip is that I decided to visit as many places as possible connected to Yoshitsune. On the map, I listed a few places, obviously there are many more but these are the places I hope to visit (except Kamakura and Haraizumi) during my trip. If you are unsure who Yoshitsune is, check out this web site.

For those who asked, during our stay in Osaka,we will be staying at Banana House. I will try to post a review of the place once we get there.

I will be attending two concerts (Yoko's solo con in Osaka and Tokyo). Check back for concert report as well.

Getting ready to get back on the road, this time Osaka style!

The end of my semester is getting ever so closer! And so is my next trip. Once more this year I am Japan bound. Once more I will be enjoying a different part of the country. I will be staying in the Kansai region for 3 weeks, before going for a home stay in Chiba! My flight will leave 16 hours after my last class. Which means, within these 16 hours I will have driven from Toronto to Barrie, pack my bag, drive back to the airport and jump on a direct flight to Narita!
So stay tune for my next adventure! I promise beautiful pictures since I will have a NikonD90 instead of my cell phone's camera!