Monday, April 5, 2010

Concert Report: Yoko's Solo Con! Osaka

Wonderboy! Where to start! This marks Yoko's third solo concert since his debut. You can never go wrong with watching a Kanjani8 concert or Solo concert in Osaka. The city goes into a frenzy for their hometown boys. Everywhere you go, there are signs of their presence (music being played in EVERY store, messages of good luck left at the temples, long lines to see Billiken)

This weekend was no different. We had gone the day before to buy our concert goods so we wouldn't have to carry them with us into the venue. The goods were a hit. On the day of the concert, after having a quick Hanami, we decked our self out with Tiger hats *the theme of the concert* and headed to the Osaka Jo Hall. Our seats were 16th row right over looking the stage. Not the best seats in the house but not the worst either. We were lucky enough to be close to the main stage!

The concert itself was amazing! Yoko looked great and had Veteran, Shadow West and other Kansai juniors as his back up dancers. His did many of Kanjani8's greatest hits (Kyu Jo Show, Musekinin Hero, Zukkoke, Kawaita no hana, Ichibyo Kiss, It's my soul). He also performed many of his own solo's or unit song including Wonderboy and Kicyu twice). He had no guest for the MC but had video messages from all the members. He also poke fun at everyone of them and attempted singing one of their solo. His interpretation of Yasu was hilarious as he tried to sing high pitch. But the best moment was without any doubts his Babun Attack in full outfit performance!  I don't think I had ever laughed so hard in my life!

We also got to watch an Eito Ranger Skit!! With a new version of the song! "Ah, Ah blacku ranger..." The skit was performed with Veteran as they did their own version of Momotarou!

During the MC, he talked about the new TV show and how him, Maru and Ohkura went filming on a boat. How Maru just would not stop throwing up...

The show ended with Onigishi as we learned that his mother was in attendance for today's concert. Yoko finished the song in tears and so did half the audience.

We were treated to 3 encores (which is one more than the other concert) probably because of his family in attendance. The last encore, after coming back 3 times was Zukkoke Otokomichi... again. Except he did not really sing and let the crowed do all the singing.

Overall the show greatly exceeded my expectation. But best of all! The day before the show we received our Tokyo tickets (We balloted many times for the concert and luckily hit twice). The Tokyo venue only sits 5000 people so there are no bad seats but since it is a theater and not an arena, there will be only one main stage. Well, anyway, we received our tickets and we will be sitting FIRST ROW!!!!!! On the far left.  This is truly amazing!!!

One of many messages left by fan at Billiken in Osaka.

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