Monday, April 5, 2010

Hanami, Yokocho, Izakaya

When in Osaka: eat, have fun and eat again! And that's what we did yesterday!!!

We started our day with a bento box and a little Hanami party of our own. For those who do not know what a Hanami is: Spring is the season for the cherry blossom, so all over Japan, people organize party where they sit underneath the cherry blossom, eat, drink and party all day. Think of it as a tail gate party before the Superbowl.

So we went to Osaka Castle (and so did the whole population of Osaka it seems) and found a tiny place that was not already occupied and ate our bento box.
After eating, we made our way to the Osaka Jo hall to watch Yoko's Solo Con *I already posted below, the concert report*. We had a great time.

After watching, we took a stroll to the Osaka Castle and NHK TV. The Castle was as splendid as usual and in front of NHK we found a Daibutsu! We took a few pictures and left for Shinsaibashi to go eat at Tacchon's family owned Izakaya. We had lots of delicous food including a deep fried Camembert that was delicious. *You can find below a post about the restaurant*.

After eating we walked the street of Shinsaibashi, did a purikura and ended up in front of Glico Man.

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