Saturday, April 3, 2010

The long way to Osaka!

Here I am, unpacked in beautiful sunny Osaka. But the road to get here was long rainy and windy! Lets go back 4 days in time. Last Wednesday morning my alarm clock did not ring so I ended up waking up 5 minutes before mom was picking me up for the airport. After a mad dash I did it and manage to take a shower, finish packing and say my farewells...

I was flying aircanada on a direct flight. I have to say the direct flight made such a big difference. It was worth spending the extra 113$. It took less than 2 minutes to go through custom and the plane itself was very comfortable. The only down fall was the food that truly sucked!! But I was ready and had packed a lunch of myself.

The flight went well and took just under 13 hours. The landing turned out to be the event as we tried landing in heavy wind. It was scary. Very scary.

When I got to the custom, I ended up waiting more than 1 hour 40 minutes. It was total chaos!!! Hard to believe I was in Japan!!! I finally made it and jumped on the cheap train. Got to Tokyo, Shinjuku. Found my sister no problem and we headed out for dinner. I had Hayashi rice!! I had never had hayashi rice in Japan. I make my own at home in Canada so I was excited to find out if the taste was the same. Well turns out that my hayashi rice taste NOTHING like it should! I will have to find a new recipe.

After dinner, I met up with Lindsay and had a well deserve rest! The next day, we had about 15 hours to kill before the night bus to Osaka. Marie and I went and bought glasses at Coolense *Tokyu Hands, Ikebukuro*. I got a pair of prescription sunglasses for 18 dollars.

On that day we had plan to to go Harajuku and Shibuya but since it was pouring rain we decided to stay in Ikebukuro sunshine city. We played arcade games, did a few Purikura and went to watch a Japanese movie. Liar Game the final stage. You can check out my movie review in a separate post.

For dinner, Marie and I went to the famous ramen street in Shinjuku and had a delicious soup. You can check out my Tokyo Food Guide post about this restaurant.  Before taking of on the night bus, we met with Chingy, Ani and Lindsay for some drinks.

At 11h50 we hopped on the night bus with Chingy and off we left for Osaka. Yesterday morning we finally hit FTO *Funky Town Osaka* and found our way to Banana Guest House where we will be staying. Look for a separate review post about this guest house.

We then made our way to Osaka Jo Hall to buy the concert goods for the show we will be watching today. The place was ridiculously packed with Fans and also Hanami goers. After buying our talking bank and T-shirts, we walked around Dotonbori and ate a delicious Okonomiyaki. Check for a post about this restaurant in my Osaka Food Guide.

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