Sunday, April 4, 2010

Osaka Takoyaki

When in Osaka, there are a few specialty that must be tried! Takoyaki is one of them!! They are easy to find, cheap and delicious!! They consist  of little dough balls filled with octopus. They serve it with a special sauce and mayo. You will find them at stands through out the city, at festival and in some Izakaya. The price range from 300 yen to 500 yen. Although they can be found all over Japan, Osaka's Takoyaki are by far the best one in the country!!! Here are a few of my favorite spot in Osaka!

Favorite takoyaki stand in America mura
My number 1 spot is across the plaza in America mura *Shinsaibashi*. They sell for 300 yen and are the best one in the city! Once you get your order you can sit at the plaza across the street with the locals and enjoy the funkiness of the surrounding.

My number 2 spot is right underneath Osaka tower. The last few times I went there, the staff spoke English so it might be a good place to go if you are worried about ordering.

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