Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shimonoseki: Yoshitsune's Foot step part 2

The next morning, we once more got up early and headed to Shimonoseki on my Yoshitsune's foot step Odyssey. We had plan the outing well and the was no reason for which we should fail. Well...
We got to Shimonoseki is less than 30 minutes on the Shinkansen. Once at the station, we found the information booth and proceeded to ask direction. The over zealous clerk was so happy to see tourist that they started marking ALL attraction in the area. We had to explain to them that we were only here for a few hours (not a few weeks) and that we were only interested in Dan no ura. The disappointment on his face.... Anyway, he directed us toward a bus as it turned out we were still a good 30 minutes away from the historical point. A transit employed took care of us as we navigated through the city and the different bus change.

That's where the adventure began!! As we sat on the bus, we realized Marie and I had no change to pay for the fare. We only had a 10000 yen bill and a 5000 yen bill!!! The fare was about 260 yen each! we started panicking. We kept trying to explain that the transit employee but he kept saying "no problem, no problem". he obviously was not understand us!! So we showed him the bills and he understood!!! But to our rescue came and old old old lady!!! She had heard our conversation and assured us she had change for our 5000 yen bill! Thank's god for her!!! She really saved us!!!

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