Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tori no Kizoku Izakaya

This Izakaya chaine is owned by Ohkura Tadayoshi's family. A Japanese idol from the band Kanjani8. There are many location across Japan, with most of them in Osaka *their home town*. This Izakaya is very similar to most Izakaya in Japan. There can be a very long wait depending on the days you are going. Everything on the menu is 280 yen *including alcohol drinks* and I have to say over all for an Izakaya, the food is delicious. For my first visit, I went to the Shinsaibashi location right next to the Daimaru, in Osaka. But the location on Dotonbori is a lot easier to get too. *You can see it from the bridge Ebisubashi*.

Deep fried camember!
Although they did not speak English or have an English menu, all the items are listed with a picture so it is easy to order. Note to Kanjani8's fan, they also sell a cell phone strap with the logo of the Izakaya: a chicken with feet shape like a mugendai.

This Izakaya specializes in Yakitori but the best item on the menu is  their deep fry Camembert cheese! I also enjoyed the soups there really much.

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