Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When in Osaka: EAT and UFO

How to describe yesterday... I am very unsure. It seemed like only 3 things happened yesterday. We walked, we ate, we took pictures. Yes that would sum it up roundly. Where to start..
We meet with our friend at Tennoji station and walked to the Shinsekai entertainment district. There in order to provide the best information for the Osaka Food Guide, we decided to try as many local food as possible. So we started...

Takoyaki 1 11:00 am
As soon as we made our way on the main street leading to the Tsutenkaku tower, we located our first Takoyaki stand of the day. Chingyi went ahead and bought 6 pieces that we shared amongst the 4 of us. They were... well good. Not the greatest but good enough. As we were eating, we saw some pictures on the wall and realized this was the Takoyaki location featured in K8 Puzzle's documentary. We took a bunch of pictures with some random Japanese girls who were obviously as excited as we were.

Then we kept on walking toward the toward. Just a few meters after departing our first Takoyaki stand, we spotted our second location.

Tokoyaki 2 11:20 am
Marie went a head and bought a 6 pieces. The takoyaki was dry, salty and not very tasty. After a big disappointment we finally reach the tower.

We went up, played a few UFO machine, visited Billiken, took way to many pictures and came back down. That's where we spotted our 3rd Takoyaki location of the day *and one of my favorite spot from my previous trip*.


Takoyaki 3 12:15 am
I went a head and bought the 6 pieces which we shared. Delicious. Simply delicious!! You can never go wrong at that stand!!!
We walked around the neighborhood some more then headed off to the longest covered shopping street (in the world??).  Tenjinbashi. We walked the whole street and manage to find a sushi location to have lunch at.


Sushi (First meal??) 2:00 pm
It was a bit pricy and really not that good. Not a place I will go back or worth mentionning.
On the shopping street we manage to find some great deals such a knee sock for 50 yen and purses for 100 yen!!

Snack 1 2:30 pm
Since Kansai terebi is not to far from the shopping street we stopped by, walked around the Children's Plaza and headed back to Namba. 
We stopped at many amusement center and played UFO catcher. It was my first time ever!! EVER! I was reluctant at first but it seemed so easy. So I went a head and tried and won an octopus phone strap on my first try!! All four of us played and came out with a few items. My sister even won me the stuff cat phone strap I really wanted!!! We did a Purikura and headed off to a Idol Shop. That's where we met more Japanese Girls and bought a few key chains. We also stopped and ate some Sakura flavored hot cakes.


Snack 2 6:00 pm

We then went and tried the "WORLD BEST EGG TARTS". The line was long... the tart was pricy. BUT!!! They were by far the best one I have ever had!!!

Dinner Kushikatsu (or not) 8:00 pm
Since we had not had dinner, We then decided to go try Kushikatsu at Daruma restaurant which is suppose to be the best in town. We started with a small order... tried it... payed and walked out... Not worth mentioning!!! So dinner was a bust... we walked some more in the shinsaibashi shopping district. Took loads of pictures. Found a very nice temple. Lit some incent. Then played more UFO.
We ended the night saying goodbye to our friends which were going back to Tokyo and went back to our guesthouse. On the way, I bought some Nissan UFO noodles for dinner.

Dinner take 2 11:00 pm
We watched TV, Koichi Domoto and Murakami Shingo were on, and called it a night.
Now Today we are taking a day off and planning our Hanami sight seeing trip to Kyoto. We will also plan our trip to Hiroshima, Hakata and Kumamoto.

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