Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yoshitsune's Foot step part 3 and Nagoya

And we were back in Osaka! The plan for today was to go to Kanazawa but since rain was on the forecast there, we decided instead to go to Nagoya. But first we were to stop at Fukushima station in Osaka to quickly see another Yoshitsune mark stone. The famous place where Yoshitsune said: "Nothing good can come from thinking of retreat before you even start. We shall fight just with oars at the stern of the boat."

So we set off and fallowed the direction according to what I had found out about the place. Now, I shall make a brief pause here to explain that unlike the rest of the world, Japan has a really different way to number houses. First you have the city. Osaka. Then the neighborhood: in this case Fukushima. Then you have the Chome... here 2 *which is the numerical subdivision of the neighborhood but which does not always fallow a numerical order in its placement.* Then you have another number which equals to the block in the chome. Here 2 as well. Then you have another number which would be the house number within the block, here 4. So the only information I had went as fallowed: Osaka, Fuhushima-ku, 2-2-4.

So  we got to the place I had marked on the map only to find out it was the wrong Chome!!! So we asked some construction workers and after looking it up on their GPS, pointed us in the right direction. Once we found the right Chome, we thought it would be easy to find the block, but no... we wondered around for about half and hour and had to ask a few people for direction. At the same moment, we magically happened to walk right by it!!! So we took a few pictures and that was it!

We then stopped by a small shop and had an Okonomiyaki top celebrate our victory!! We ordered a Kimchi Okonomiyaki! It was good but not as good as the ones we had had so far in Osaka.

Then we hoped on the Shinkansen and headed for Nagoya! We got there in about 1 hour and realized the weather was a LOT colder than in Osaka! So we stopped by Uniqlo to buy some warmer cloths. We also went to very big Daiso and ended up spending almost all afternoon shopping. Then we headed to the castle. We walked for about 1 hour, fallowing the map they gave us at the station, and NEVER found the damn castle!!!! We must have been really close by at one point because we could see tour bus, but with little time left before our train back home, we had to turn around and go back to the station! Overall Nagoya is Blah...... Just another big city... but very very very American. No charm. Expensive. And not for me.

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