Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tokyo Friends

Shibuya, Family Club, Harajuku or how I met Tsubasa!

My last day in Tokyo had to be a great one! I was not going to leave Tokyo without a bang!! So I headed off to Shibuya. I walked around for a bit and was please to see that Johnny’s owned Shibuya!! You could not walk five meters without seeing giant poster or Arashi, Hey Say Jump, Tegomass, Yuma and Big Shadow, News… or Nagase, Tackey, Ryo… Even the giant screen were showing videos of Tegomass and NYC boys. I went shopping at Mandarake and then went Karaoke by myself for 2 hours.

Ani and I at the family club rigth after meeting Tsubasa!
After lunch, I met with Ani and we shopped till we dropped in Shibuya!! I bought a nice pair of shoes and some clothing. Then we had dinner together and headed off for the Family Club. As we got there, we noticed a big crowed. That is pretty unusual for the place as people usually just come in, read the messages and then go. So we made our way to the front of the room and saw a camera so we decided we should wait with the rest of the crowed. About 30 minutes later, they had us sitting down on the floor in rows of 7 people. (the room is very long but narrow) I ended up in the forth row. That’s when Imai Tsubasa (from Tackey and Tsubasa) walked in!!!! I was so happy!!! He was doing a live recording of the messages for the Family Club. He talked for a bit and then answered questions from the fan. It was so cool!! I could not believe my luck!!!
This is a screencap from the video that played a few months later. The blond curly hair, that's me

Then we headed of to Harajuku and went around a few Idols shops. We bought Marie’s birthday gift and the headed out to meet her in Shinjuku. (We had decided to celebrate her birthday since neither of us would be there for her actual birthday) so we waited for us  at the bus terminal and when she arrived, we sang happy birthday, gave her her gift and split some fancy cupcakes we had bought!! Then we said goodbye to Ani and headed off for Kanazawa on the night bus!!

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