Thursday, July 30, 2009

The long way home

Carrying 3 suitcases by yourself is not fun. It's near impossible and very painful. My bruise hands are the proof. You would think I had learned my lesson last summer.
Tuesday morning. Time to go. The sun is shinning, the birds are singing... we get a phone call: the trains are not running. Because of the storm the day before.
Mamiko generously offers to drive me to Tatebayashi. We get there early so we stop for tea. A tear scene later, I am sitting by myself on the train. I will not go through all the details but here are a few things to important to remember for future consideration:
  • 3 suitcases and 1 person = no good.
  • Narita station is not Narita airports
  • Bring a change of clothing so you get get ride of the gross sweaty cloth you are wearing when you get to the airport.
  • 3 suitcases and 1 person = no good. I know I am repeating myself... but after doing it 2 years in a row, it is time for me to learn.
At the airport, nothing to report. I slept none stop in the flight between Narita and Los Angeles. I got to LA early. My plane back to Toronto was delayed. Then delayed again. I finally got home after living July 28 twice! Talk about a long long day!!!

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