Sunday, December 27, 2009


Yesterday was Tristan birthday. And what a day it turned out to be. Being in Vegas, the day started off with a family lunch at the Buffet. This time we went to Redrock Feast. Sadly it wasn't really good and most of the food was overcooked. But being in good company, we had a great time chating and catching up with his cousins aunts and uncles. We then proceeded to watch Tristan pay is birthday luck at the Roulette table. He easily double his 40 dollars and cashed out.
Then it was a shop till you drop bonanza at Vegas Outlet Mall. And I did shop till I drop. I bought nice new black knee high boots and a skirt and sweater. Tristan got some nice square toes black leather shoes. The time flew away as we hopped from store to store. That's when we got into trouble... We had been asked to meet back at 8pm for dinner. At 8:30 we were still shopping... What we didn't know is that we weren't exactly suppose to meet for dinner, as a surprise Tristan's parents had bought us Cirque Du Soleil Tickets to watch O. As we learned that, we dashed full speed across the mall and made it to the parked car. We hopped in and crossed the city. We got there right in time!!!!
OHHHHHHHHH what an amazing show. Absolutely breath taking. The sets, the costumes, the acts!!! We were sitting in the very last row but the view was still amazing. As a matter of fact, I think the view must have been better for us. I strongly recommend watching this show!!!

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