Monday, July 6, 2009

Ota Power Chuunyuu

The sun was finally out which meant sweating like a pig. That’s the Japan I know. That being said, I thought I would have to stay home all day waiting for the tickets to be delivered but we got a notice that they would not be delivered till the fallowing day. That meant I could go out and enjoy the nice weather, and I did. First off I went to visit Marie at her school. The kids were so cute but very hyper! Then I left by train for Ota. I love trains so much. I hate planes but trains are awesome! From Higashikoizumi to Ota it only takes a few minutes, I am looking forward to riding the shinkansen for the first time this Saturday!!
So I got to Ota and decided to walk to book off. I walked for 1 hour and never found the place. I could have asked for direction but along the way, my focus shifted and  I was no longer interested in going there. I found myself fallowing the road that leads to Royal Chester Ota. My sister had told me about that place a few months ago and I was looking forward to seeing it! What is Royal Chester Ota, you will ask?

The wedding reception hall from the J-dorama Yukan Club
 It’s a very American style banquet hall in Ota. Now the reason I point it out is that it was used as a filming location in the Drama Yukan Club. It is the building they go to for the wedding where Yokaoama and Junnosuke end up dressing up as brides. I tried going inside the building but they were having a reception so I might try another time.

After that I went back towards the station and headed for DON QUIOTTE!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh how much I love that store. Now Ota's store is really small but when I go to Tokyo, I will go to the one in Ikebukuro and the new one in Roppongi!!! But the main event will be when I go to the one in Osaka!!! Somehow everything is better and bigger in Osaka ;-) I love Don Quiotte. Some people a few years back had tried to visit all the Tim Horton in Canada, well one day I will come to Japan and I will visit all the Don Quiotte!!! Ok, enough rambling, all this to say that I spent 3 hours wandering the aisles and looking at all the weirdest stuff Japan has to offer. I bought 2 Japanese floorschairs, a takoyaki machine and a hand towel. As I am writing this I am getting really excited about going back, in 4 days they are opening an extra floor of merchandise!!!! I still have yet to hit the grocery part as well!
Back home, I kept on reading Ook Chung's second book I brought with me. If Contes Buto was a bit disappointing, I have to say L’Expérience interdite is absolutely amazing!! Maybe even better than Nouvelles orientales et désorientées!!! Marie and I finished the day eating dinner (grocery bento box) while watching all the best Japanese TV has to offer. (although last night there was nothing good on TV).

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