Monday, July 13, 2009


Well, Nikko went out of the window once more. It’s been 2 years I mean to go there. It’s not that far. It’s one of Japan’s must see shrine… Yet, I just can’t get myself to go there. Instead, I found myself going to Ota Aeon’s mall once more and Don Quihotte. I got some awesome deals on Russ-K t-shirts and some cool clothing.

At night, Marie and I bought bento boxes and sat down to watch Utaban!! I love Utaban. I love Nakai… except this weeks Utaban was a karaoke comedian special which sucks so we watched ItteQ instead. I don’t usually watch that show (except for some Tegoshi Yuya clips once in a while). Imooto rocks that show and after watching it yesterday I decided I should dress like her for Halloween. If you guys have no ideas what she looks like… just google Imooto from ItteQ. The pictures speak for themselves.

Later at night, there was a Gokusen special. I fell asleep half way through it. Not because it was not interesting but because it was already close to 2 am. I wanted to go to bed early so I could have an early start on Monday and make my way to Nikko.

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