Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Forum des jeunes ambassadeurs de la Francophonie des Amériques - FJAFA

This is a very long overdue post! Just over a year ago, I was part of a life changing experience, as I made my way to Moncton New Brunswick as a Ambassadeur de la Francophonie. For 10 days we took part in conferences, debates, cultural activities and tours. Together, we explored the meaning of being francophone in the Americas, we forged new friendship and developed tight connection with french speakers from South America to Canada.

Ambassadeurs de l'Ontario

During our stay, we also got to participate in Le Grand Tintamarre de Caraquet! A unique experience where for an afternoon, people gather on the street, in colorful attires and makes noise. This once a year event has a profound signification for the Acadians.

From wikipedia : Tintamarre is an Acadian tradition of marching through one's community making noise with improvised instruments and other noisemakers, usually in celebration of National Acadian Day. The term originates from the Acadian French word meaning "clangour" or "din". The practice is intended to demonstrate the vitality and solidarity of Acadian society, and to remind others of the presence of Acadians. It originated in the mid-twentieth century, likely inspired by an ancient French folk custom    

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