Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October is pumpkin time!

34 weeks pregnant, defending my thesis on campus!
October is pumpkin time! Yes indeed! Halloween is fast approaching. The houses in my neighborhood are slowly putting up their spooky decorations. Outside the air is getting colder and the trees are shimmering in all the variation of red, orange and yellow. A month ago I defended my master thesis! 

It went great and I am now officially done. Out of school and no work, you might wonder what exactly I am doing? Well after miscarrying just over a year ago, I am now 39 weeks pregnant with a girl! This pregnancy was everything but pleasant. Complications after complications, morning sickness until 26 weeks... but now we are getting ready to welcome our baby girl before the end of this month!!

This will bring many new challenges, more occasions to cook, different ways to travel and hopefully many wonderful afternoon of crafting together. As a matter of fact, I should say, during this pregnancy (since I was on bedrest for about 9 weeks) I learned to crochet! I am now addicted to the web site Ravelry for all its wonderful patterns!

I still have to up-date my blog, fix a few of the broken pictures and finish transferring the Japan 2009 trip post from my old blog. I will try to get as much done as possible in the next few days! Until then, wish me luck, my life is about to change!!!

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