Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cloth for me, cloth for you!

"My daughter is 3 weeks old, this week for the first time I used Pampers swaddlers sensitive. At first I was pleasantly surprised at the great fit the diapers provided on my daughter. I used 3 diapers over a period of 5 hours and a half, to discover in horror, my daughter's skin completely burned with blisters in area that had touched the diaper. I am completely outraged that such a trusted brand as pampers would have caused such damages on my daughter skin! I am now discouraged in using pampers diapers again for I have absolutely no trust anymore in your product. I am now left with 2 packs of pampers diapers which cannot be returned for they have been opened. I surely hope that P&G can stand behind their products quality. I would be more than glad to further this discussion. I also have pictures if needed. In the main while, I will make sure to inform my friends and family members about the event so that they can make an inform choice in protecting their child."

This is a copy of the e-mail I just sent to Pampers. My poor little girl is completely burned. It took less than 5 hours to do all the damage. It has now been 3 days and things are slowly getting better. We made the much awaited transition to cloth diapers. I say "awaited" because we had always plan to cloth diaper our kids. As a matter of fact my stash of Kushies and Bumgenius was one of the first thing we bought for the baby. Unfortunately Hudson was born much smaller than expected and instead of buying a newborn supply of cloth diapers we opted to use disposable. What a mistake!!! So on Saturday, we made our way to Serenity Birth Studio in Barrie and bought 24 prefolds of Bummies and 2 Motherease bamboo diapers. My only regret was to think my daughter was not worth spending this amount on newborn cloth diapers. After seeing the extend of her burn, I had no other choice and gladly invested in cloth!!!

Now off course this should not have come as a surprise! I had heard of incident with pampers diapers before, but I naively thought that by buying the "sensitive" ones, I would not face the problem. I was wrong!!!

Coincidentally, I myself do not use disposable pads anymore. I first heard of Lunapads through my sister (who had heard about it from our cousin). After years of unwanted rashes and infection, I made the switch to washable panty liners! Then this week I had just made the switch to washable pads as well! I have to admit it is less about being green then skin relief!!! That being said, I will try in the next few weeks, to do a review of each products (pads and diapers). But I should already mention that I am in LOVE with my Lunapads!!! and after 2 days, already have a favorite in Motherease!




  1. Well that sucks big time! I'm glad you made the change unlike most parents who just assums that diaper rash and others of the sort are a normal thing for a baby.
    it shouldn't!

    Hope Hudson's bum gets better soon

  2. Hope "the burn" get out hurry.., and better soon!

  3. Thank you for the link, by the description there it looks like my daughter had a second degree burn.

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