Thursday, November 24, 2011

Getting ready for the big day!

Our little Tuna is 1 month already! 

Time flies! I can't believe how much bigger she got in such a little time! She is finally out of preemie clothing and almost done with her newborn outfits! Depending on the brand, she is able to wear the 0-3 months! I know that 1 month is a short period of time, but in a way, it feels like she's been with us for ever. I can hardly remember what life was before her! And as a matter of fact, I don't care to remember it! I am perfectly happy with how life with my Tuna is!  Now this weekend, we are celebrating in style, her arrival in our life! We are having a combined baby shower/meet and greet! I didn't want a baby shower during my pregnancy out of fear of loosing her... Now she is one month and I could not think of a better time to celebrate this new life! I have been very busy baking her a 3 tiers ocean theme cake. I will post some pictures after the meet and greet!

Now like I promised in my last post, here is a quick review of the different brand of cloth diapers I use.

I use the newborn prefolds (24 of them) and 4 covers. The reason I bought this (as a set) was because of the low cost. It was just under 80$. I was not so keen on using prefold and thought I would prefer AIO. I was to say, I was surprise at how easy to use prefolds were. Easy to clean, easy to store, and easy to carry around. I had leakage problem the first few days, and it did take a while before I could fold it properly in the cover but now after less than 2 weeks, I could do it with my eyes close! I do have to say thought that 4 cover is not enough and decided to buy 2 extra ones. Also for extra protection, I add one Kushies insert inside the prefolds.

Pros: Prefolds are really easy to wash.
         Good value for your money.
          Not too bulky under clothing.

Cons: My husband still thinks its too complicated to put on.

Rainforest babies

In all fairness, I have to say the ones I have are hands me down! So Tuna is the third baby wearing them! I had never heard of this brand and I am unsure as to how easily available they are. I have to say, they fit great on my skinny baby (size small) and they are really easy to assemble. 

A cute colorful insert snaps on both ends. Unfortunately, they leak... they leak.... they leak.... I still use them, but only if it is for a short period of time.

Pros: Durable.
         Easy to assemble.
         Washes really really well.
Cons: Leaks!

Bumgenius 4.0 snap OS
Even though Tuna has reached the minimum weight, they are still too big. I did however used them a few times and can't wait to fully rely on them. Why? Because I love how the insert soaks in all the moisture and leaves the outer layer almost fully dry! However I do have to mention that they are bulky on little ones, they are a pain to assemble and they stain really easily. (My husband loves them once assemble. He likes how easy they are to put on.)

Pros: Keeps baby dry.
       The fact that they are OS is great!
          Have yet to leak at all!!

Cons: They are expensive!!
          They stain easily.
          Takes a little longer to assemble!
           Very bulky on the little one.

I will review the Motherease and Kushies cloth diapers at a later time!

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