Monday, November 7, 2011

A little by little

I never underestimated the life changing aspect of having a baby! So in a way I was prepared. Two weeks ago, Hudson was born! My life has been a Topsy Turvy of diapers, doctor's visit, sleepless nights and laundry washing... and I love it! 

What I was not ready for is how much love goes into all of these task! Even worst, how much it hurts to be sitting helplessly on the bedroom floor with a baby that for unknown reason won't stop crying. Last night for 4 hours, I tried to figure out what was wrong! It broke my heart to see her like that! I felt so useless as I was unable to figure out what she wanted!! I was not ready for that! In the end she fell asleep on daddy's laps... We will probably never know what it was... it will probably happen again... and once more I will be broken hearted. That is the real hard part.

So two weeks have gone by. Everyone is getting use to a new schedule. The first few days I was overwhelmed by breastfeeding. I took so much of my time. Hudson would nurse for 40 minutes every 2-3 hours... But after the first week I came up with an awesome plan!!! 40 mins x 8-9 times a day = a j-dorama a day! Time to catch up on the last 3 seasons! And I also decided to watch the Taiga dorama Yoshitsune (all 50 episodes)... I hope Hudson will forgive me to split my attention in half...

On Halloween, Hudson was 1 week old! Months ago, I had crocheted the Green Eito Ranger sweater for her as her first Halloween costume. But it was way too big. We still decided to take some pictures. Daddy carved a plastic pumpkin in honor of her first Halloween. He went to great length to carve a Tuna on one side and then a stylized version of her name on the other side. We used a plastic pumpkin so we could keep it for the years to come (kind of like those first Christmas ornaments).


In the past week, we decided to make imprints of her feet. The first attempt was a complete disaster! Plaster + Vaseline + 9 days old baby does not go well together. We had a good laugh still. 

Then yesterday we opted for the ink version. It was easy, not as messy as first thought and yield great results. We got the ink pad at Walmart for 4$ and the card stock at Dollarama. We made enough prints so that both aunts, and the 3 sets of grand parents could get a copy.      
Today Hudson is 2 weeks old. The weather outside is beautiful. 15 degree and sunny. The trees are still full of colors. This is not your typical grayish November! It truly feels like the calm after the storm. Hudson is finally sleeping, and soon I will go join her ;-)


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  1. Next time I see my niece, she will be 1 month old...ahhhhhh time goes quickly