Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Under the sea!

We finally had our baby shower! It was so exciting getting to see everyone and showing off baby ;-) For the occasion, I made a 3 tiers cake "under the sea". Here is the results!

I am no cake artist... at the best, I have a few years of play d'oh-ing under my belt. And to make matter worst, I had a newborn to take care off and a very limited budget!


Since we had nicknamed the baby Tuna, the theme had to be under the sea! To decorate the cake, I made 3 amigurumi octopus, 1 sea turtle, 1 clown fish, 1 angel fish, a few corals and starfish. On top of the cake sat a huge Tuna that my sister made (because she helped me with the cake).

I made the layered cake on the Thursday. On the Friday morning, I covered them with fondant and started making the different creature. Once made, they were place to hide all the cracks and bumps in the fondant! (Hey I said, I am no cake artist). On Saturday morning, we took the cake over to my mom's house and assembled it.

The cake ended up being a bit crooked and way too big for the amount of people there, but it looked great!

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