Friday, January 27, 2012

Cloth diapers reviews part 2


I bought my first Motherease product just after my 3 weeks old daughter got second degree burns from using disposable diapers.  (You can find that story here). I was at Serenity Birth studio in Horshoe Valley when I found the bamboo sandy Motherease fitted diaper. It was love at first sight. It was so soft and luxurious, exactly what my poor daughter's burned bum needed! I bought two and was eager to try them. As soon as I got home I prep them and put it on her. I used my Super Bright Bummies cover with it. It was a perfect fit. The two snap on each side made it so easy to put it on. It was also very easy to adjust. I used the diaper from about 7lbs to 10 lbs and never had a leak or a blowout from it! I then bought 5 of the size up (S) (The sandy are a two size diaper so the size small fits 8lbs-20lbs) in cotton and two of the Airflow covers. My sandy Motherease have become my go to daytime diapers and to this day I have never had a leak or a blowout from them! They fit great on my growing little girl! I especially like the fact that even if I use the biggest setting and leave the diaper fairly loose on (which is great with a gassy baby), because of the particular design, it still won't leak!

However, because they are a true cotton diaper, they do not keep the moisture away from the babies skin, because of that, I make sure to change the diaper as often as possible (I don't use them if I know I will be on the road), and I have made it into a habit to use a Bummies fleece liner. I also have to add that they stain very very easily and I am still having a hard time to destain them. The farmer stick does not seem to work on it either. Hopefully the sun will do the trick in the spring! I should also mention that the bamboo one for newborn lost it's luxury feeling very early on (but still worked great) and there is a very limited cover pattern selection.

That being said, of all the cloth diapers I have been using this is by far my favorite one! Motherease sandy is a diaper I can truly depend on. Easy to use with no fears of leaks! I truly recommend this brand (and it is from Ontario as well!!!)

       Great fit!
       No leaks!
       Easy to put on and adjust!
       Two size diaper (so you get to use it for a long time without the bulk of the OS)
       Buy Local!

        Stains really easily
        Limited choice of prints for covers.                                                                                                    


I was so excited to get my Fuzzibunz! I had hear great things about it. So many people seemed to swear by them. So I tried my really hardest to like them. But the fact is that I barely ever use the ones I have now. Essentially they are a pocket diaper so very similar to Bumgenius 4.0. They have snaps and are OS (You adjust the size by pulling on the elastic around the legs. ) Unfortunately I was never able to adjust them properly enough that I would have no leaks. No matter what I have tried, I always get leaks or blowout on the sides around the legs. I also have a very very hard time stuffing the insert. The pocket is very narrow and my hand hardly fits through the middle area. Because of the narrow pocket, it is also hard to add more inserts in there. One positive I noted, was the quality of the actual insert. Very absorbent! (To get the best of both worlds, I have been using my Fuzzybunz insert with my Bumgenius shell!) I also found that even on the smallest setting, the diaper was not overly bulky on my 8lbs baby which is a good thing when you try to fit a cute outfit on top of it. Personally, for the same price, and for similar product, I will stick to Bumgenius.

On a side note, Fuzzybunz has just come out with a new diaper and has updated their warranty on their diapers.

Pros:  Great insert.
           Pretty trim for a OS diaper

Cons : Leaks!
            Hard to stuff.                                                                                                                                   

Cloth diapers reviews

I use the newborn prefolds (24 of them) and 4 covers. The reason I bought this (as a set) was because of the low cost. It was just under 80$. I was not so keen on using prefold and thought I would prefer AIO. But I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised at how easy to use prefolds were. Easy to clean, easy to store, and easy to carry around. I had leakage problem the first few days, and it did take a while before I could fold it properly in the cover but now after less than 2 weeks, I could do it with my eyes close! I do have to say thought that 4 cover is not enough and decided to buy 2 extra ones. I find the trim on the bummies cover would soak up the urine and stay wet. For extra protection, I would add one Kushies insert inside the prefolds. I used the size newborn covers from just under 7lbs to around 9 lbs. The prefolds, I used them until my daughter was around 11 lbs with a size small bummies cover. The size small covers still fit but I do not use the prefolds anymore. For the covers, I used both the Bummies Super Bright (Shown on the picture) and the Whisper wrap. I found that the Super bright cover was giving me a trimmer fit and a better protection.

Pros: Prefolds are really easy to wash.
         Good value for your money.
          Not too bulky under clothing.

 Cons : My husband finds it too complicated to put on.
            Lots of leakage problem
            The trim on the cover soak in the urine.                                                                                         

Rainforest babies

In all fairness, I have to say the ones I have are hands me down! So Tuna is the third baby wearing them! I had never heard of this brand and I am unsure as to how easily available they are. I have to say, they fit great on my skinny baby (size small) and they are really easy to assemble. 

A cute colorful insert snaps on both ends. Unfortunately, they leak... they leak.... they leak.... I still use them, but only if it is for a short period of time.

Pros: Durable.
         Easy to assemble.
         Washes really really well.

Cons: Leaks!

Bumgenius 4.0 snap OS
Even though Tuna has reached the minimum weight, they are still too big. I did however used them a few times and can't wait to fully rely on them. Why? Because I love how the insert soaks in all the moisture and leaves the outer layer almost fully dry! However I do have to mention that they are bulky on little ones. (My husband loves them once assemble. He likes how easy they are to put on.)

Tuna is now 13 lbs. We have been using our Bumgenius 4.0 snap OS for 4 weeks now. I love them! They are my go to overnight diaper. They are easy to assemble and the pocket is large enough so you can easily add inserts. They also wash really well and the stains are not to hard to get rid of with a farmers stick.

On the down side, the insert does not suffice for overnight use. I usually add another insert that is 2 layers of microfiber and one layer velour. Most leaks I have encountered were up the back as oppose to around the legs. 

Pros: Keeps baby dry.
       The fact that they are OS is great!
          Very little leaking problem.
          Great fit on older infant.
          Love the designer series!

Cons: They are expensive!!
          Takes a little longer to assemble!
           Very bulky on the little one.
           One insert is often not enough.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3 months!

Today Hudson is 3 months. I wish I could say that time is flying by but really it isn't. Now don't get me wrong! Time not flying by, in this particular case, is a GREAT thing! Everyday feels like a year! Everyday, Hudson acquires new skills, discovers new horizon (read hands), and my "mother" skills are put to the test! Everyday is a whole new world! From one week to another, we are making leaps and bond! Last week she was quiet, this week she coos the night away. Last month she was 19 inches, this month nearly 22! Baby time is incredible! Some people argue that they grow to fast. I argue they make a year in my life seem useless when compared to what milestones they can achieve in a month!

So today my lovely daughter is 3 months old. I have been a mom for 3 months. I haven't slept in 3 months. I have been covered in throw up for 3 months... In a way, because of my daughter, I also live my life on the fast track. She keeps me on the edge. Always moving. Discovering parts of me I never knew existed. Mastering new skills! Because of my daughter I learned to crochet! Now I am sewing her cloth diapers! Photography has become an art and so has storytelling! I am the master of multitasking! I can change a diaper with one hand. I can do 4 loads of laundry, washed, dried, folded and put away before the sun is even up (granted it's winter)!

Another way my daughter is leading me on the fast track is about weight loss. Post pregnancy weight loss. 13 weeks ago I gave birth. In those 13 weeks I have lost just over 55 lbs. I have been using the app on my Galaxy . I go to the gym twice a week, I run three times a week and I go skiing once a week. On top of that, I am doing the 30 days shred on a daily basis. It might seem like a lot. It might seem obsessive, but my mind is set. I do not want my daughter to ever see me like this again. (Unless there is another baby in my belly). I am not ashamed of admitting it. I went up to 250 lbs... yep. I know. Horrible. But I have no regrets. Like I said, I am not ashamed of it. I was 250 lbs for a reason.

On the other hand, if I was to not get my weight back under control as fast as I can, then I believe I would have regrets. Then I would be ashamed. Perhaps I would even hate myself and be depress about it. And I do not want to feel that way.

So as soon as Tristan gets back from work, I hit the gym. I religiously count my calories. I think before I eat. It's not easy, but honestly, it's not hard either. It's where I am and where I'm at and what I have to do.

And I am not alone! My sister is with me. My mother is with me. And they each have their reason. And on my fitness pal I made lots of friends. My support group. Other women who had babies in October! And when I go to the gym, I have wonderful instructors. Friends. Cheerleaders.

So here it is! My ticker! I am past the half way mark! And I would like to reach my goal before Hudson turns 8 month.

As for the pictures, I took them. I really wanted some daddy-daughter shots. I also would love some Mommy-daughter shots but I am holding out a bit longer... maybe for her 6 months. 

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