Saturday, February 25, 2012

KAMsnaps giveaway

For anyone interested in snaps! Visit Kamsnaps. They are currently hosting a giveaway for a 80$ snap press!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tuna's Saga

Little Miss is 4 months old today!

It's so hard to believe she is already 4 months old. Although it feels like an eternity, I still can't believe how far she has come since she was born! She went from 18 inches long to just about 24 inches. And more than double her birth weight!! She can almost sit on her own, she's teething and has develop somewhat of a strong minded attitude (I wonder where she gets that from!) She loves going to watch basketball games, and can spend all day playing with her Minie-fée. She makes mommy and daddy really happy!

This month, we started going to the swimming pool! Little Miss lives up to her nickname of Tuna as she is already a great little swimmer who doesn't mind putting her head underwater! We go two or three times a week. Little Miss still doesn't want to roll over or laugh, but she is showing herself to be very strong on her legs!

On their side, mommy and daddy are doing well. The lack of sleep is starting to get to us, and the teething experience proves itself to be more challenging than thought, but we still LOVE our new job ;-)

Now let's talk picture! Funny isn't it! Unexpected from us, isn't it! I know! ;-) This morning as I woke up and looked at her clothing, I realized that she was indeed missing the classic little girl picture with the headband and tutu! Personally I am not a fan, but hey! What the heck! It will always remains as a funny picture to look at ;-) There's nothing wrong in being traditional once in a while.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Giveaway at the Fluff and Stuff shop!

Just a heads up! There is a contest going on at the Fluff and Stuff shop! You could win a 50$ give certificate! This is the store I ordered my Snuza from. The Snuza can be hard to find in Canada and I know they have some in stock right now!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mamaroo review!

Hudson at 15 weeks in her Mamaroo.

Having spent way too many hours on babycenter during my pregnancy, I was bound to discover frivolous new products! But when I faced a 2 weeks old baby with severe reflux, I quickly jump on the internet to find a WAY so that my baby could get any sleep! That's when I found out about the Mamaroo. You know that expensive space ship looking swing that "Moves like you do". I have to admit, it was a budget breaker but I needed some sleep bad and so did the baby. So in a heartbeat I put all of my hopes in the modern looking swing and willingly shelled out the 230$ needed. I thought... if baby doesn't like it I could always returned it. It took less than 2 days for me to have a verdict on the pricy swing!

I went back to the store but not to return my Mamaroo! Instead I went to buy a second one! Yes! One for my house and one for grand-ma's house (ok I have to admit, grand-ma paid the second one). From the day the mamaroo entered our house, my baby started sleeping.

4 weeks old Hudson in Grand-ma's mamaroo
You will only imagine how much distress I was in when after 3 weeks of use my mamaroo's base started doing a weird hiccup motion. Suddenly I was stuck with an expensive non working swing and a very tired and cranky baby. And to make matter worst, the retailer we got it from was of no support because we could not find our receipt. So I called the customer service in the US. I must have been on the phone for a big total of 5 minutes! Even better, 3 days later a new base arrived at our home! The customer service was stellar! (Other companies should learn from them!!) Not only was the Mamaroo a great product but the company that makes it is equally great!

My daughter is now 15 weeks, and even though she now sleeps in her crib, her naps are still in her mamaroo!

But let's get down to business! Here is a more objective review!
  • I love the design! I am not much into baby looking items. The sleek look of the mamaroo looks great even in my dinning room!
  • It takes less than 5 minutes to assemble. Only 1 screw needed.
  • Very easy to operate. (I actually use my foot, so no need to bend all the time).
  • Has built in speakers with white noises or the possibility to plug your MP3
  • Takes very little place in a room.
  • Easy to adjust the inclination even when the baby is sitting in.
  • The customer service was amazing!!!! 
  • I wished it was a bit more quiet. The swing itself is a white noise provider.
  • I don't have the new mamaroo plush... so the fabric on mine was actually very cold in winter and very stiff. I ended up sewing some mamaroo microfleece covers for it.
  • The quality from the speaker is not the best
  • Some people complained that it was not fast enough to entertain their baby. (Personally I though it was just fine)
  • I wished there was an option to turn the LCD light off at night. The blue light is strong and can get a bit annoying. 
  • I wished the seat could go into a completely flat position. 
  • When changing the seat incline, the noise of the clasp is enough to wake up a baby.
In all, I absolutely love my Mamaroo! I do recommend it to everyone I know. It's a great product backed up by a great company.

Note : In the top picture, I removed the over head mobile. Although I love the actual design of it, we never used it as our daughter did not seem to care for it. In the top picture, the mamaroo is also covered by the microfleece cover I sewed.

***Up-date*** I just thought I would provide an up-date on this review since apparently it is my most popular post!

We used the Mamaroo all the way until my daughter was 13 months. Yes I know it says not to put in a baby that can sit on her own, but even at 13 months, my daughter loved her mamaroo (especially for nap time). My daughter at that point was 19 lbs and 27 inches so well under the recommended size. After being used extensively (pretty much every day) both Mamaroo are still working great! They are now being store waiting for baby number 2.

After writing this review, I was provided with the new plush covers. What a difference!! They are soft, come in beautiful pattern and best of all... they do not get cold or stiff in winter time!

I have been really busy with life, but I will try in the next couple months, to include a tutorial on how to sew your own cover (which is very handy with a reflux baby)