Friday, April 27, 2012

My teething baby is no shinobi da kedo...

So Tuna is teething. I know, old news... But that's my point!! How long does a baby need to be teething??? Drool, crankiness... swollen gum, fever... The poor thing won't sleep. And here I am, with a baby in my arm. Helpless in the middle of the night. And then it hits me! I think : "There's has to be an up side to having a teething baby!" So I search... I look around... and there it is! The silver lining. I have a baby that won't sleep and over 40 episodes of Naruto to catch up on! BINGO! And so I did. The last 3 nights, I caught up on nearly 9 months of Naruto. Thanks to my poor little teething baby who will only sleep in my arm, I had a good excuse to sit in my lazy boy for hours at a time. And so I watched, and watched and watched. Oh the excitement! To make things better, there were very little fillers!

So now I am all caught up in the serie. We are back in fillers but I must admit, I had chills running down my back at the end of the last main arc episode. Anyone else did? You probably don't watch. Hum... I guess we could compare it to the chills you get every time team Canada scores in an Olympic goal medal hockey game. Yep. That bad. Oh and did I mentioned I cried too. Now I don't want to spoil it... but you know.... when N and K meet. Yep. I cried. And I am sure you would have too if you had been watching this anime for the past 8 years like I do.

So... now what do I do. Well... what else... It has been decided, Hudson's Halloween costume for next year will be Naruto ;-) Since her favorite toy is her fox, there could not be a better choice... but now, what should Tristan and I dress as? Jiraiya? The 4th? Kakashi? Tsunade Sama? Temari? Personally I am leaning towards the 4th for TJ and Temari for me (well, we do have the same hair cut). But who knows ;-) Stay tune to find out!

And if you are wondering. Tuna`s first birthday party will be a Halloween costume party. ;-)

Did I mention Halloween is in 6 months!!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The big 6

What a road is has been so far. A road I have traveled on days and nights, time after time again. Tuna is 6 months today! That is not a small feat. To those of us who have been here for many years already, six months almost seems insignificant but in Tuna's life, 6 months is everything. 6 months ago, she could barely keep her eyes open and now, 6 months later, she can barely keep them close! Six months ago, I had to carefully hold her head every time I picked her up! Now she is one little stubborn girl who bangs her head like a rock star! 6 months ago, Tuna use to poo in her diaper! Well now, she still does. (Ok that hasn't changed) But what has, is that mommy can now change her diapers with one hand and her eyes closed! That too is no small feat! In 6 months, Tuna learned to smile, to laugh, to sit, to reach, to hold, to scream, to pull, to roll, to say "ba". In the last six months, what have you achieved? Her learning curve makes me feel so.... unproductive sometimes! But I too have learn a few things in the course of the last six months! I learned that you don't need sleep, you don't need hot meals, you don't need your hands, baby doesn't care if you hurt your back or if you have a tendinitis, you don't need shower or clean cloth : All you need is love! But seriously, though.... I really wished I could have a daily shower and not smell like spit up everyday. Maybe in the next six months! Who knows!!! 

So Tuna is six months today! What does this mean. Well to her, nothing probably! But I though it would be nice to mention it! Tuna is growing and healthy so why not celebrate it! Not everyone has this luck! And that too is no small feat! Everyday she amazes me! How such a tiny little person can take so much space in a room, so much room in my life. She truly amazes me, days after days... she finds that water bottles are funny and beards are scary! She thinks that mommy's arm are for napping and beds are for playing. She thinks Suba is Suba and Uchi is Suba! Everyday she amazes herself. Yes, I believe she does.... You can already see in her eyes, that "I did it" spark of pride! She knows what she wants and makes sure we do too. 

So Tuna is six months today! To many, many, many more six months! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

How about a world record?

Wouldn't it be great for your baby to be part of a world record? Well here is your chance! Join us for the Great cloth diaper change!!! Next Saturday, people from around the world, will, at the same time, change their babies cloth diaper! Last year, a world record was establish, this year let's try to beat it! Now let's say you don't cloth diaper.... well that's fine too! You can arrive with your baby in a disposable and you can borrow or buy a cloth diaper to change your baby into! See, it's simple! 

For more information, here is the official website. The great cloth diaper change

If you live in my area, we will be meeting at Holly United Church in Barrie at 12pm. You can register here on the facebook group.  For our location to count towards the record, we need at least 25 people... well right now we are short of 4 people. If you do not live in my area, check the Great cloth diaper web site, they have an location finder! From Canada, to the USA but also in Japan, Germany and France....

 Here are the rules :
Guinness General Evidence Guidelines (Requirements)
Each participant must be paired with one child 39 inches or shorter. Each child must be changed into a cloth, reusable diaper that can be purchased online, at a brick & mortar store, or is offered through a diaper service. It doesn’t
matter what diaper type a child arrives in. At the sound of a loud start signal, all participants must remove their child’s existing
diaper and properly put on a 100% reusable cloth diaper. At the signal to start: Each participant should hold the clean diaper they will change the baby into high in
the air (the photographer should take ―before‖ shots). Each participant should change their child’s diaper (no photographs or video should
be taken during this time). When the diaper change is complete (this is not a race, the timekeeper can
determine when all the changes have happened), each participant should hold their
freshly changed child in the air (the photographer should take ―after‖ shots). Any participant who does not completely or properly complete the task must be
deducted from the total.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The mysterious tooth

Once upon a time, in a little lakefront village, in central Ontario, lived a little girl who was toothless. For many weeks already, she had been feeling the pressure of growing teeth. Yet, day after day, there was nothing to show. Burning red cheeks, drooling like a waterfall, chewing like a chipmunks, the little girl was slowly turning into a cranky little monster. When night time came, she would wriggle in pain and only find comfort in mommy's arms. Mom became so sleep deprived that one morning, after a long sleepless night, she backed up her husband's car right into her own car. Still no teeth came.

Until one day, as she strolled around the neighborhood and ran into her next door neighbor. They started chating and before mom could say anything, the neighbor noticed that the little girl was cutting two teeth. Mom was perplex. Even though she checked every morning, she could no see anything. So she rushed home, washed her hand and once more looked for the teeth. She could see nothing.

Perhaps her neighbor had been wrong...

Later that day, still bothered by the mysterious tooth, she made her way to the neighbor and kindly asked her to show her the tooth! The neighbor who had 5 kids, gladly pointed out to the two little bumps. There they were! Not visible yet, but on their way! Mom had a sight of relief! Perhaps, soon she would be able to sleep again! Just as she was hit by that wave of hope, her neighbor explained that unfortunately, there was no sure way of knowing how soon they would fully appear. Mom was heart broken!

And so the story ends.... for now... 

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Time Mom

A few years back I was writing a post about FTO, now here's one about FTM ;-)
In less than 2 weeks, Tuna will be 6 months. I just can't beleive it. She's grown so much is so little time. But let's keep that for another post. Today I wanted to go over a quick little list of First time mom expectations, decisions and plans. You know, the : I would never do that with my child! So in all honesty, here it is!

I would never!

I would never use a pacifier! Well on the second night, still at the hospital, I caved in and asked for a pacifier for Tuna. She refused it. 5 months later, I am still trying to convinced her to use one. She won't! I really wished she did! It would make my life so much easier. Instead she uses me as a pacifier. Yep! Karma!

I would never bedshare! It is way too dangerous. Well it is. But somedays it's the only way I get any sleep at all. So we do.

I really don't need!

I really don't need a stroller. Well Hudson is 5 months, she doubled her birth weight and we still don't have a stroller. We are babywearing 100% of the time. She loves it. I love it. And it makes my life so much easier. We have a nice hiking type back pack for her and a Boba. Although some days I will admit, I wished I had a jogging stroller so I can go run with her. But that's about it.

I really don't need help at home. I didn't need help. A newborn sleeps a lot so I had enough time to do everything. Breastfeeding is efficient but makes any over night help useless. Cloth diaper take a big 5 minutes of my time 4 times a week. The rest is just the normal housework. Everything doesn't always get done. My husband has to help, but at the end of the day all is good. I was also expecting the worst since I had a c-section, but there too, my recovery was as fast as that of a normal delivery.

I plan to!

I plan to speak french to my daughter! I did. I do! And I plan on keeping doing it! But unfortunately, Daddy is not as eager to speak Tagalog to Tuna ;-(

I plan to get back in shape as quickly as possible after the baby is born. Well I did go back to the gym at 4 weeks after birth (c-section) and I am happy to say I have diligently been working out and I am down 72 lbs already! So many people had told me I would not be able to find the time...... well.... 

I plan on moving the baby to her own room when she is 2 months old. Wow! Did I really think that??? Because, in my mind, all babies sleep through the night by the time they are 2 months. Sure! So here we are. Tuna will be 6 months soon, she still sleeps in our room and some nights in our bed. So when are we planning to make that move? Well, as of now we are thinking, maybe close to a year. Maybe later. Who knows. 

I plan on bringing the baby swimming as soon as possible. Well we did not end up going "as soon as possible" but we surely made up for it by going "as much as possible".

I plan on cloth diapering my baby. I said it. I am, doing it. And I love it. My only regret was to be talked out of cloth diapering a newborn as to avoid the extra work. Well turns out cloth diapering is less work (I know weird isn't it!) and a lot more fun.   

I could go on and on about all the misconception I encountered as I was pregnant. Off course these would be different for anyone.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let's get physical!

Tuna is 5 months! She can sit on her own! She still face plants once in a while but she is getting more sturdy every day! Tuna is 5 months! And teething! Not fun! Not fun at all! And to make matter worst, Tuna has a stomach bug. Not fun x 2! I have never changed so many diapers in a day. My cloth diapers are being tested to the max! So far we have to clear winners.... Applecheeks and Motherease! We've also had casualties...... and we've had bullseye hit (Me being the bullseye).

Tuna is miserable... poor little thing. But she still enjoys her tri-weekly trip to the pool. She loves the water, and I think she also loves the extra attention she gets there from mommy, from daddy... and from the staff. ;-)

But I have to admit, mommy feels a little awkward on Sundays... Tuna's swimming lesson is currently being taught by a student of mine a few years back. I have to say, he is doing a great job! And I am really proud of him. But does it ever feel awkward to be in the pool... in your bathing suit... with one of your grade 9 student... So for the last two weeks, grand-ma and daddy took turn to go. Next week, I shall overcome the awkwardness and go myself!

This week, we added to our schedule, mommy and baby fitness class+ parenting workshop at the local YMCA. This morning was our first class. It was great. Against all odds I really enjoyed myself! We started with a little fitness assessment, then a workout and some playtime for the kiddos. I think this type of play-dates fit my lifestyle better. I am not much of a let's sit down and drink coffee type of girl. Working out with my daughter is a lot more fun ;-) And I think it's a great way to introduce physical activity from an early age! Good habits should start early!