Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The big 6

What a road is has been so far. A road I have traveled on days and nights, time after time again. Tuna is 6 months today! That is not a small feat. To those of us who have been here for many years already, six months almost seems insignificant but in Tuna's life, 6 months is everything. 6 months ago, she could barely keep her eyes open and now, 6 months later, she can barely keep them close! Six months ago, I had to carefully hold her head every time I picked her up! Now she is one little stubborn girl who bangs her head like a rock star! 6 months ago, Tuna use to poo in her diaper! Well now, she still does. (Ok that hasn't changed) But what has, is that mommy can now change her diapers with one hand and her eyes closed! That too is no small feat! In 6 months, Tuna learned to smile, to laugh, to sit, to reach, to hold, to scream, to pull, to roll, to say "ba". In the last six months, what have you achieved? Her learning curve makes me feel so.... unproductive sometimes! But I too have learn a few things in the course of the last six months! I learned that you don't need sleep, you don't need hot meals, you don't need your hands, baby doesn't care if you hurt your back or if you have a tendinitis, you don't need shower or clean cloth : All you need is love! But seriously, though.... I really wished I could have a daily shower and not smell like spit up everyday. Maybe in the next six months! Who knows!!! 

So Tuna is six months today! What does this mean. Well to her, nothing probably! But I though it would be nice to mention it! Tuna is growing and healthy so why not celebrate it! Not everyone has this luck! And that too is no small feat! Everyday she amazes me! How such a tiny little person can take so much space in a room, so much room in my life. She truly amazes me, days after days... she finds that water bottles are funny and beards are scary! She thinks that mommy's arm are for napping and beds are for playing. She thinks Suba is Suba and Uchi is Suba! Everyday she amazes herself. Yes, I believe she does.... You can already see in her eyes, that "I did it" spark of pride! She knows what she wants and makes sure we do too. 

So Tuna is six months today! To many, many, many more six months! 

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