Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Time Mom

A few years back I was writing a post about FTO, now here's one about FTM ;-)
In less than 2 weeks, Tuna will be 6 months. I just can't beleive it. She's grown so much is so little time. But let's keep that for another post. Today I wanted to go over a quick little list of First time mom expectations, decisions and plans. You know, the : I would never do that with my child! So in all honesty, here it is!

I would never!

I would never use a pacifier! Well on the second night, still at the hospital, I caved in and asked for a pacifier for Tuna. She refused it. 5 months later, I am still trying to convinced her to use one. She won't! I really wished she did! It would make my life so much easier. Instead she uses me as a pacifier. Yep! Karma!

I would never bedshare! It is way too dangerous. Well it is. But somedays it's the only way I get any sleep at all. So we do.

I really don't need!

I really don't need a stroller. Well Hudson is 5 months, she doubled her birth weight and we still don't have a stroller. We are babywearing 100% of the time. She loves it. I love it. And it makes my life so much easier. We have a nice hiking type back pack for her and a Boba. Although some days I will admit, I wished I had a jogging stroller so I can go run with her. But that's about it.

I really don't need help at home. I didn't need help. A newborn sleeps a lot so I had enough time to do everything. Breastfeeding is efficient but makes any over night help useless. Cloth diaper take a big 5 minutes of my time 4 times a week. The rest is just the normal housework. Everything doesn't always get done. My husband has to help, but at the end of the day all is good. I was also expecting the worst since I had a c-section, but there too, my recovery was as fast as that of a normal delivery.

I plan to!

I plan to speak french to my daughter! I did. I do! And I plan on keeping doing it! But unfortunately, Daddy is not as eager to speak Tagalog to Tuna ;-(

I plan to get back in shape as quickly as possible after the baby is born. Well I did go back to the gym at 4 weeks after birth (c-section) and I am happy to say I have diligently been working out and I am down 72 lbs already! So many people had told me I would not be able to find the time...... well.... 

I plan on moving the baby to her own room when she is 2 months old. Wow! Did I really think that??? Because, in my mind, all babies sleep through the night by the time they are 2 months. Sure! So here we are. Tuna will be 6 months soon, she still sleeps in our room and some nights in our bed. So when are we planning to make that move? Well, as of now we are thinking, maybe close to a year. Maybe later. Who knows. 

I plan on bringing the baby swimming as soon as possible. Well we did not end up going "as soon as possible" but we surely made up for it by going "as much as possible".

I plan on cloth diapering my baby. I said it. I am, doing it. And I love it. My only regret was to be talked out of cloth diapering a newborn as to avoid the extra work. Well turns out cloth diapering is less work (I know weird isn't it!) and a lot more fun.   

I could go on and on about all the misconception I encountered as I was pregnant. Off course these would be different for anyone.

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