Monday, April 16, 2012

How about a world record?

Wouldn't it be great for your baby to be part of a world record? Well here is your chance! Join us for the Great cloth diaper change!!! Next Saturday, people from around the world, will, at the same time, change their babies cloth diaper! Last year, a world record was establish, this year let's try to beat it! Now let's say you don't cloth diaper.... well that's fine too! You can arrive with your baby in a disposable and you can borrow or buy a cloth diaper to change your baby into! See, it's simple! 

For more information, here is the official website. The great cloth diaper change

If you live in my area, we will be meeting at Holly United Church in Barrie at 12pm. You can register here on the facebook group.  For our location to count towards the record, we need at least 25 people... well right now we are short of 4 people. If you do not live in my area, check the Great cloth diaper web site, they have an location finder! From Canada, to the USA but also in Japan, Germany and France....

 Here are the rules :
Guinness General Evidence Guidelines (Requirements)
Each participant must be paired with one child 39 inches or shorter. Each child must be changed into a cloth, reusable diaper that can be purchased online, at a brick & mortar store, or is offered through a diaper service. It doesn’t
matter what diaper type a child arrives in. At the sound of a loud start signal, all participants must remove their child’s existing
diaper and properly put on a 100% reusable cloth diaper. At the signal to start: Each participant should hold the clean diaper they will change the baby into high in
the air (the photographer should take ―before‖ shots). Each participant should change their child’s diaper (no photographs or video should
be taken during this time). When the diaper change is complete (this is not a race, the timekeeper can
determine when all the changes have happened), each participant should hold their
freshly changed child in the air (the photographer should take ―after‖ shots). Any participant who does not completely or properly complete the task must be
deducted from the total.

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