Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let's get physical!

Tuna is 5 months! She can sit on her own! She still face plants once in a while but she is getting more sturdy every day! Tuna is 5 months! And teething! Not fun! Not fun at all! And to make matter worst, Tuna has a stomach bug. Not fun x 2! I have never changed so many diapers in a day. My cloth diapers are being tested to the max! So far we have to clear winners.... Applecheeks and Motherease! We've also had casualties...... and we've had bullseye hit (Me being the bullseye).

Tuna is miserable... poor little thing. But she still enjoys her tri-weekly trip to the pool. She loves the water, and I think she also loves the extra attention she gets there from mommy, from daddy... and from the staff. ;-)

But I have to admit, mommy feels a little awkward on Sundays... Tuna's swimming lesson is currently being taught by a student of mine a few years back. I have to say, he is doing a great job! And I am really proud of him. But does it ever feel awkward to be in the pool... in your bathing suit... with one of your grade 9 student... So for the last two weeks, grand-ma and daddy took turn to go. Next week, I shall overcome the awkwardness and go myself!

This week, we added to our schedule, mommy and baby fitness class+ parenting workshop at the local YMCA. This morning was our first class. It was great. Against all odds I really enjoyed myself! We started with a little fitness assessment, then a workout and some playtime for the kiddos. I think this type of play-dates fit my lifestyle better. I am not much of a let's sit down and drink coffee type of girl. Working out with my daughter is a lot more fun ;-) And I think it's a great way to introduce physical activity from an early age! Good habits should start early! 

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